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Strategies for Creating Social Signals

As social signals become more crucial to online rankings assigned by Google and other major search engines, creating social signals for your business or website is important for expanding your online visibility and building your authority.

Business on a laptopCreating social signals is essentially a two-part process: content creation and content sharing. The backbone of social signals is content. By publishing and sharing note-worthy, relevant and useful content, you are creating the first step for social sharing. However, having useful and relevant content is only the beginning of creating social signals. In addition to having something to share, you must encourage sharing both on and off-your website. This means adding buttons or icons on your blog or news page for easy sharing on Tweeter, Facebook and other social networks.

Below are simple content strategies for creating social signals for your business.

Press Releases
Write a newsworthy press release regarding important changes at your company or within your industry. Some examples include a new product or service, expansions, moves and more. Once you press release is written, publish it on quality websites such as PRWeb or Businesswire. A well-written press release with back links and social sharing will get picked up by other news source, multiplying the effect.

White Papers/Reports
The Internet is information central. Everyone turns to the Internet for all their information needs, be it news, product reviews or price comparisons. Use this to your advantage to create quality white papers or reports regarding your particular products or services or factors affecting your industry.

Blogging is an extremely easy way to create new content for your website. Blog about relevant topics within your industry and feed your blogs into your Facebook and Twitter accounts for more exposure and visibility.

Another great way to get social signals is through video content. Start with quality content and create a short video for publication on YouTube. YouTube gets over 3 billions of views per day. An informative and original video can get you on the way to easy social sharing.

Webinars are an advanced technique for creating social signals. While a webinar may require more time to create, it can be a great way to acquire leads and create even more content. Add upcoming webinars to your website along with social share

buttons and include it on all your social network profiles to encourage participation. A week before your webinar, make sure you write a press release about it. A few days after your webinar create yet another press release and report on its success, the questions raised by participants and its success. You should also post a condensed version of the content on your website as a blog.

As mentioned before, getting social signals begins with content. Press releases, white papers/reports, blogs, videos and webinars are just a few of the different types of content you can create. Once you create content the next step is to encourage social sharing on as many networks as possible. For example, after your press release is published, make sure to Tweet about it, create a blog about it, add it to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and encourage everyone you know to share, like or +1 your press release. The more sharing you do, the more likes, shares and Google+ you’ll receive.

Social signaling is a growing part of online searches as search engines weigh in social participation to decipher online search rankings. Start developing your social signal strategy early and set goals and timelines to drive social signals and maintain the momentum of your social presence.

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