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Taking Advantage of Seasonal Business Trends with PPC

Virtually any business can benefit from a well-managed PPC campaign, and for many, spring and summer bring new opportunities to drastically boost your ROI. The right PPC campaign gives you a serious foothold in your market, so as the temperature outside rises and the days get longer, it’s time to think about what a seasonal strategy can do for you.

While PPC is useful year-round, it’s also a highly customizable form of marketing that allows you to make changes whenever you need them. This means that you can adjust your strategy to accommodate seasonal business changes, opening up the door for better results.

You already know how PPC works: Your ads display on top of or alongside relevant search results, giving potential customers one-click access to your site. Tailoring your campaign for your industry’s peak season allows you to make the most of your PPC budget, and it’s all thanks to PPC’s unique customizability.

How do you do it? Just do like the ancient Greeks say: Know thyself. You know your industry’s trends, and when your business is at its busiest. For example, if you sell generators, hurricane season is one of your busiest times of year. If you run an ice cream shop, people are searching for you more in June than they are in January. When you invest in your PPC campaign accordingly, you can choose your audience based on geographic location and advertise to them during your best months for highly effective lead generation.

Even the type of PPC campaign you invest in makes a difference—especially in the warmer months. The rate at which people perform web searches on their smartphones is growing faster and faster—soon, people will use them more than PCs. This is especially true in the spring and summer, when consumers spend more of their free time outside than at their desks, using their mobile devices to make plans and find businesses on the go.

By investing in mobile PPC, and especially smartphone-friendly features like click-to-call functionality, you prime yourself for potentially serious gains when warmer weather hits. The easier it is for mobile users to find and contact your business, the better your lead generation—and almost nothing makes you easier to find and contact than mobile PPC.

Want to learn more about what a seasonal PPC strategy can do for your business? Get in touch with one of our experts!