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Trust Flow vs. Citation Flow

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]


Hi, this is Taylor from Clickx!

What Are Backlinks, Trust Flow, & Citation Flow?

I wanted to talk to you guys today about backlinks. Inside the dashboard, you may spot on to the competitors tab and then also on to the backlinks tab. You will see things are referring to as Citation Flow and Trust Flow, and these all are percentages in there and a lot of questions we are getting something like people ask me every day is, about the number of backlinks, about quality of the backlinks, where do I get these backlinks from all those sorts of things and then ultimately what are those numbers mean?

You see! You have a Citation Flow of 25 and a Trust Flow of 10, and nobody knows what to do with that information. So purpose of this video is, try to help you explain exactly what those numbers mean, so we are like to think of it is, as the Citation Flow is essentially the amount of influence you have, in the Trust Flow as the amount of trust that you have.

How Do I Improve the Influence & Trust Of My Website?

So, when you look at the Citation Flow what I mean by influence is, how many websites are pointing to your domain or how many backlinks do you have coming in, and how many websites are willing to link to your domain. So that kind of information comes from the Citation Flow of influence, whereas the Trust Flow is really the trustworthiness of those links. Right! And so, how high qualities of those links are? How many people are going to that website that is actually linking to your website? Are you getting links from some well-known bloggers? Are you getting links from Forbes, or something like that.

Do I Need A Higher Trust Flow Or Citation Flow?

In the follow-up question that you are getting is which is better? Do I need a higher Trust Flow? Or do I need a higher Citation Flow? And there is not a real answer to that! Other than let us focus on the ratio between these two.

So, if you have a Citation Flow of 10, then you want to have a Trust Flow of 10. Because the theory of the day that would mean every link that we have is essentially a quality link, and that is naturally where you wanted to be! That is how you show Google that you are an influencer in the space, an authority in the space and that is going to improve your ranking!

At The End Of The Day, Its About Authority?

So you are never going to get 100, you are never going to see that number as a 100. But what you should try to do is, keep that as a good ratio and try to get good quality links that are relevant to your industry, relevant to your company and at end of the day that the Google is going to show you are the authority!

As always if you have any questions, feel free to comment below we β€˜ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.