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Why Your Website Form is Not Converting

An effective website is a powerful lead generation tool for any business. If your website is not landing you leads, there’s something wrong.  A website form should be an integral part of your web strategy. If your form is not converting, make sure you are not making these mistakes.


Your Form is Buried

Visitors can’t take action if they can’t find your form. Generally, forms should be above the fold and readily visible. Don’t expect visitors to scroll down to find your form.

Your Form is Badly Placed

Call it a habit, but forms on the right convert more than forms on the left. For better conversion rates, place your form on the right side of your website.

Your Form Lacks a Call-to-Action

If you are not encouraging your visitors to submit a form, whether by offering a free download, coupon or quote, a strong and clear call-to-action is necessary to get your visitors to submit a form.

Your Form is Intimidating

Visitors unfamiliar with your website tend to be suspicious. Don’t add to their suspicions by asking too much personal information as part of your form. Typically, a name and email address should be sufficient but may vary depending on your business and your particular offer.

Form is Badly Designed

A web form that is badly designed can easily deter visitors from clicking on the submit button. Make sure your form is well designed and convenient including pre-populated fields, drop-down menus and easy-to-see submit buttons.

Lead-capturing forms are an important way to attract qualified prospects for your business. Since your website is available 24/7, it means that you can receive leads even while you sleep – that’s if your web form is well-designed. If your current web form is not producing leads, maybe it’s time to rethink your form.

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