Commission Only Closers

Commission Only Closers

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Commission Only Closers

Our SCALE program will teach you sales processes and tactics that will help you close more deals.

When you launch your lead generation efforts and proved your offer, you can begin delegating your sales to a commission-only closer. Ultimately, as an owner, you are responsible for building, maintaining, and optimizing your systems and processes.

We help Scale members onboard, train, and source highly-skilled salespeople, so they can focus on building their businesses.

Here is what you get:

Commission Only Closers

So how does it work?

So how does it work?

You will be able to interview the best sales closers who are interested in your offer. You will be able to message the candidate to begin the interview process. Should your sales person leave within the first eight weeks, we have a guaranteed replacement. Finally, depending on the type of sales contract and the agency, each sales closer will take 10-20% of sales.


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