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#1 Digital Marketing Internship in America

From collaborating with our digital marketing specialists to spearheading projects of your own, we guide you from your first day until your last, making sure that you leave prepared and ready for the next opportunity. Who knows? That next opportunity could be with us.

We are looking for passionate and driven interns to join our team as they continue their education in the fast-paced and dynamically changing world of digital marketing..

Human Resources Internship

Sales Support Internship

Web Development Internship

Business Development Internship

Copywriting Internship

Inbound Marketing Internship

IT Support Internship

Web Analytics Internship

Public Relations Internship

Social Media Internship

Graphic Design Internship

Past Students Who Crushed It

During this internship, you will not only learn how to design and launch integrated marketing campaigns, but you will learn important life lessons and how to work with clients and colleagues for long term success.

Solomon Thimothy, CEO

START Program

Unlock the potential to generate a monthly revenue of $10K and beyond with our comprehensive support in lead generation to sales


Fulfillment Network

Join our Clickx Fulfillment Network and unlock unlimited potential and flexibility, setting your own rates while working from anywhere.


SCALE Program

Confidently add an extra $30K - $50K/month in recurring revenue with our support in lead generation, sales and strategic coaching.