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Catch Quality Leads and Scale Your Agency with State-of-the-Art Lead Generation

65% of agencies admit lead generation is the biggest obstacle they face.  

Instead of hooking new leads, agencies are exhausting every resource to send out never-to-be-seen emails, all while trying to fulfill client campaigns. 

Eventually, they reach a breaking point. 

That’s when utilizing our strategic approach to lead generation, can save your business. At Clickx, we create personalized-for-you campaigns, optimized to convert quality leads into high-paying clients. 

Catch Quality Leads and Scale Your Agency with State-of-the-Art Lead Generation

Facebook and Instagram Ads​

Grow with Facebook and Instagram Ads

For the highest ROI, a multi-channel marketing strategy should always be implemented.  

Facebook and Instagram advertising are extremely effective tools when utilized with highly-targeted campaigns.  

Our partners receive more than an abundance of new leads. They receive a niche specific match looking for digital marketing services like the ones you can offer. 

Scale with YouTube Ads

Consistently capturing the attention of your target audience is key to growing both your brand and business.  

With Clickx, we optimize your discovery rate by creating campaigns that evolve with ever-changing algorithms and new technology.  

Our goal is to help you cut through the clutter and stand out from the competition.  

YouTube Ads

Google Ads

Get Found with Google Ads

With Google Ads, your target audience is virtually limitless.  

With the power to put your agency in front of hundreds of business owners, you’ll be the perfect example of how to obtain a HUGE reach. 

Moreover, when clients discover your agency through major search engines, it provides the evidence they need to prove you can achieve the same results for their business.    

Connect with LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn provides agency owners a network of more than 660 million users.  

However, to obtain qualified leads, you need to reach out to a quality audience. Knowing how to reach key decision makers, is the fastest way to turn networking connections into clients.   

By directly engaging with the right audience, Clickx helps you obtain a steady stream of high caliber leads.   

LinkedIn Prospecting

Outbound Email Marketing

Get Appointments with Email Outreach

For each dollar spent on outbound email marketing, there is an average return rate of $44 dollars. That makes email marketing the lead generation tool with the highest ROI.  

By implementing a thorough and tactical outbound strategy, Clickx helps you leverage the power of targeted messages.  Audiences receive an offer they can’t resist, and conversion rates soar.     

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