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Grow Today with White Label Google Ads Services

With the influx of social media channels, e-commerce sites, and other online sites engaging billions of users every day, digital marketers are presented with an opportunity to strategically promote their clients’ products and brands by tapping customized audiences all over the world in mere seconds.

At Clickx, we employ experience, expertise, training and our vast collection of state-of-the-art marketing tools and resources to help digital marketing agencies like yours deliver the most compelling results to your clients through a meticulously implemented white label Google Ads management.

Our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and analysts work directly with various digital marketing agencies to optimize Google-based campaigns for their individual clients.

Customized according to your clients’ specific needs, our white label GoogleAds management services involve a one-on-one customer interface to ensure we’re giving you exactly what you need to achieve your clients’ specific goals.

How White Label Google Ads Management Can Help Your Business

Google, the world’s most utilized search engine to date, generates over 60,000 searches per second.If you do the math, that’s more than 200 million searches in just one hour.

A marketing agency that does not utilize the power of search engines – Google in particular – to promote their clients’ marketing campaigns is missing a significant opportunity to grow their clients’ businesses.

Organic Versus Paid Google Ads

Your clients can utilize Google to grow their businesses through organic or non-paid search engine optimized (SEO) exposure as well as paid advertisements.

One powerful paid advertising tool is Google Ads, an SEM tool that works on a PPC basis.

Google Ads prioritizes paying advertisers over organic search results by placing the paid ads on top of Google’s SERPs.

This means every time your meta tags and keywords associated with your topic get searched by a user, your paid ad will show up on top of the page. This is especially valuable when your clients’ niches are competitive and it’s difficult for your organic content to muscle their way through the top of the list.

By ranking high on SERPs, advertisers get maximum exposure to billions of Google searchers which can lead to more clicks which may lead to increased brand awareness, higher customer engagement and retention, customer advocacy, and eventually conversions.

Why Use Google Ads?

Here are two quick reasons you need to start utilizing Google Ads now:

  • They increase online visibility, thus driving more traffic to your website.
  • The more traffic your website receives, the more customers it converts.

Sounds pretty simple? Not really.

Unless you’ve got time to study and interpret Google’s analytics and algorithms, read technical guides, take courses, or experiment with Google Ads until you get it right and therefore fall behind in the more urgent operational component of your agency, then you need a reliable white label Google Ads management agency to help you out.

A white label Google Ads management service, such as Clickx, delivers all the necessary pieces in order to initiate and maintain a successful Google Ads campaign.

As a digital agency, you have the option to outsource your Google Ads management service so you can focus more on managing your clients and attending to their needs more efficiently. By having a team of PPC management experts do the heavy lifting for you, you’re assured your clients’ paid advertisements are driving the best results.

Clickx is Your Google Ads Partner

Clickx is your premier choice Google Ads management agency.

We not only mastered every aspect of this game-changing SEM tool through years of hands-on implementation and field experience, but we have also gained extensive knowledge through Google Ads management across different industries and niches.

Our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and analysts work directly with various digital marketing agencies to optimize Google-based campaigns for their individual clients.

By employing our white label Google Ads services, your clients’ businesses will experience a significant increase in both clicks and conversions while minimizing marketing costs and benefiting from a higher ROI.

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