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How can I improve my content marketing?

If you want to be effective at content marketing, there are two main aspects you need to focus on: content creation and content marketing.

Beginning with Content Creation

Without good content, you have nothing to market, which is why this is the first step.

Before publishing, you should ask yourself if the content will inform, entertain, or inspire your target audience. Make sure your content is tailored for your specific audience, not for everyone under the sun. If you believe your intended audience will find it appealing, it's good to publish.

Regardless of the type of content, you should create the best. It doesn't matter if it's an infographic, blog post, podcast episode, or a slideshow—your audience needs to love it.

If people aren't sharing or commenting on your content, it could indicate that it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Moving to Content Marketing

Once you've created your content, it's time to implement a plan to promote it and help it go viral.

There are many different tactics you can try, but there isn't a specific strategy that works for everyone. Choose one that performs the best for you, including:

  • Sending emails to subscribers with links to content
  • Sharing content on social media pages and profiles
  • Running ads to content
  • Writing guest posts for other publications in your industry
  • Sending a browser push notification to content
  • Sharing content in social media groups
  • Answering relevant questions on Quora and other forums with a link to content
  • Reaching out to people who've shared similar content
  • Repurposing content across different mediums
  • Creating more content that links to previously written content

Make sure you also have set goals in place, whether they're targets for website traffic, email subscribers, webinar signups, consultation requests, or other calls to action.

Once you have a solid plan in place and consistently work on it, you can begin to get the results you want as a content marketer.