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How do you do SEO for videos?

Video marketing can be invaluable to your online marketing campaign, and one way to take full advantage of this medium is to optimize these videos using proper SEO.

Optimize Titles

The first element that you'll want to optimize for videos on YouTube and other websites is the title. The title of your video should include keywords that you want to rank for, which can be variations of keywords for which your website already ranks.

Titles should be no longer than 60 characters, which allows them to show up in Google search results without any text cut off.

Optimize Descriptions

Video descriptions can also appear in Google results as the meta description below the title, providing a brief description of the video content with another keyword mention. In the first line of the description, it's a good idea to give a brief description no longer than 107 characters so that it will show in full before the "Show More" bar below. You can also insert a link directly following the text, which can encourage viewers to visit a relevant page on your website, such as a page describing a specific service or product featured in the video.

Following the first line, you should ideally include a deeper description that's around 100 words total, with a call to action at the bottom with another link to your website.

Use Appropriate Tags

If you want people to have an easier time finding your videos, you should include proper tags that briefly describe the video content. This will help you reach a wider audience on YouTube itself, supplementing your Google results.

With fully optimized titles, descriptions, and tags, you can maximize your videos' outreach and further enhance your overall SEO efforts.