What makes a marketing video effective?

There are several keys to making a marketing video effective in gaining people’s attention and ultimately drawing in high-quality leads. Here are some of the ways you can increase your video marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

1. Create Videos with a Strong Storyline

While a traditional plot isn’t ideal for a marketing video, you should include a subtle storyline. Music is a key feature of a marketing video’s story, setting the mood and pace of the video. Music also helps establish the character of the company presented in the video. Through the video, the company should be able to tell a compelling story.

2. Make Sure They’re Engaging

The last thing you want to do is lose viewers’ interest within the first few seconds, particularly if your marketing videos are ads that appear on other YouTube videos. With an engaging, attention-grabbing hook and overall story to tell can keep people watching.

3. Solve People’s Business Problems

One of the purposes of your video should be to give prospects a potential solution to a common business problem. If people feel like your video accurately expresses the frustration of this problem while offering a tempting solution, they’re likely to consider your services or products.

4. Include a Simple Message

One common rule of storytelling is “show don’t tell,” which in marketing videos is no exception. Don’t include talking heads, droning monologues, overly happy advertorial talk or marketing jargon. Instead, focus on showcasing a compelling summary of your company, including the lifestyle, people, and uniqueness of your company.

5. Get the Highest Production Value Possible

Try to make sure your videos come off as professional as possible. You don’t need to spend too much money on video editing software or video equipment to make your videos appear as high-quality as possible. You can show landmarks and get many other appealing shots, with professional editing that makes your video look as good as it can.

These are simply some of the ways you can make your marketing videos as effective as possible.


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