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How can I collect emails of people that download offers on my website?

One of the best ways to collect visitors’ emails and generate more leads is to make it a requirement to provide an email prior to downloading any offer. Regardless of whether it’s an ebook, webinar, white paper, or any other kind of offer, you should prompt an email request. While you don’t want to ask for too much information, an email is likely to get trusting visitors to connect with your company.

Using Email Downloads

Many businesses will prompt visitors to enter an email address to which a download link will be sent. This puts them on an email list, and they can choose whether or not to receive updates or more information regarding your business.

Collecting Other Information

In addition to emails, you can also use online forms to collect other information apart from an email (without making it necessary), such as names, phone numbers, and other contact info.

Using this information, you can more effectively target leads with new information and offers.

Make Sure to Create Unique Landing and Thank You Pages for Each Offer

Depending on the offer, you should create a landing and corresponding thank you page and call-to-action for it that makes it easy to track campaigns. Putting all of your offers and information on a single page can make it difficult to monitor lead campaigns, particularly if you offer more than one service or product. The best way to keep track of leads and each marketing campaign with offers is to create as many original pages as possible.

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