How do I prepare for the next Google algorithm update?

While there isn’t too much you can do to influence Google when they perform an algorithm update other than avoid spammy SEO techniques, you can take certain steps to keep up with the changes. You won’t have to worry about Google ranking you lower as long as you adhere to Google’s rules regarding SEO, and there are specific ways you can help your website adapt to gain an advantage over competitors that are less prepared.

Take Advantage of Voice Search

Google is going to continue to use voice search input to further optimize results, which we can only expect to increase in frequency with each algorithm update. Most modern electronic devices intended for consumers includes voice input, with Google being a primary target for searches, particularly as users look to voice search for convenience over keyboard input.

Consider what people might search for verbally when optimizing content, and you could see an improvement in your rankings as voice search users find you.

Keep Answers to Customer Questions Comprehensive and Unique

Clear and concise answers to customer questions can give them incentive to return to you for your products or services. Google’s Knowledge Graph is one of the more recent updates that makes finding answers to questions easier than ever.

The Knowledge Graph provides users with a quick answer box that can effectively answer their questions with snippets from reputable sources. If you’re answering unique questions, providing detailed yet simple answers can enable people to find your website first and choose to visit your website for more in-depth content if they like what they see.

Pay Attention to the Basics

Older white hat SEO methods will continue to remain relevant in the years to come, meaning that you shouldn’t forget about domain and page authority, quality links, keyword integration, semantic search, and link source diversity.

With these aspects in mind among others, you’ll be able to make sure your website doesn’t suffer a hit when Google updates its algorithm.


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