Biggest PPC Misconceptions

More and more, business owners are realizing that marketing their business online is essential. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a popular strategy that uses targeted search-driven ads to drive traffic to websites. The great thing about PPC is that you can start seeing results in as little as 24 hours after a campaign is launched.

While PPC is vastly popular, the average business owner knows little about how it all works. Below are some of the biggest misconceptions business owners have about how PPC campaigns work.

A High CTR Is Everything
Wrong. While a high click-through-rate (CTR) rate can be a good thing, it doesn’t mean that your campaign is wildly successful. The CTR rate simply reveals the number of times your ad was clicked on. Conversion rates are better indicators of how well your campaign is doing because it means that your PPC ads are helping convert prospects into customers or subscribers. A high CTR rate means nothing if you can’t get conversions.

Large Adgroups with Many Keywords are Better
Wrong. A PPC campaign based on Adgroups that rely on dozens of keywords are not necessarily effective. Rather than putting all of your keywords into one Adgroup, create several Adgroups for better targeting and a better chance at higher conversions.

Using All Your Keywords is Necessary to Get Results
Wrong. When you first start your campaign, you create a list of keywords relevant to your business, products and industry with the idea that these same keywords will lead prospects to click on your ad and make that very important purchase or sign up for your particular offer or promotion. The truth is that you need to narrow your focus on keywords that convert. Through continuous refinement and campaign tracking, you can identify high-converting keywords. After all, it’s these keywords that help you grow your business.

Assuming You Know Everything About Your Customers
Wrong. It’s true that you probably know your customers best. However, online shoppers are generally less predictable than the customer who walks into your store. You can’t always know what they will enter into the search bar when they’re looking for your services or products. This is why you can’t simply rely on a keyword list created by you. You need to do careful keyword analysis and also track your campaign. Doing this will help you discover new keywords and lead you to eliminate non-converting keywords.

Your Work is Done When You Hire a Professional
Wrong. This is one of the biggest misconceptions business owners have. Just because you’ve handed over the work to a marketing agency, it doesn’t mean your job is done. PPC managers must be able to provide you with regular and detailed reports about your campaign. It’s a problem if they can’t. And if you don’t care to carefully analyze these reports or follow your campaign, then you are throwing away your money.

Marketing your business, online and offline, requires continuous work. Your strategies must be refined regularly if you want a good return on investment. When it comes to PPC campaigns, make sure you look at the big picture rather than focusing on one detail.

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