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How to Use YouTube for Your Business

At first, YouTube may not seem like a suitable marketing platform for your business but it’s more effective than you might think. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? YouTube is also the fastest growing video sharing website in the world and is bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!

It’s 2017, it’s about time you implement YouTube into your content marketing strategies if you haven’t already! In this post, we’ll show you how to align and implement creative YouTube marketing strategies for your business.

How to Use YouTube for Your Business |

Lots and Lots of Content

If you want your YouTube channel to get high traffic, subscriptions, and conversions, then you’ll need lots of content. Focus your videos’ on industry topics, specific keywords, or content your prospective clients are looking for.

You can even save tons of time by repurposing your content. Repurpose blog articles, webinars, infographics, tutorials, product demonstrations, how-to’s, client testimonials, trade show recaps, and so much more. By repurposing existing content into a video, you’ll improve brand visibility by getting traffic to your website and YouTube channel at the same time. It’s perfect for attracting current and new customers.

Youtube Videos for Business Marketing

Use SEO to guide your content creation. Your SEO strategies should inform the kind of content that you’ll create for your YouTube channel. In the end, your videos should express the frustration of a business problem while offering a smart solution. This will help people consider your services or products.

Get Creative with Customization

Do you want to be that business that has a unique, trendy channel, but also stays true to its brand identity? Use customization to your advantage.

To name a few, YouTube gives you the ability to customize basic channel information, the channel URL, channel logo and channel background cover, channel trailer, advertisements, profile sections, playlists, and specific elements in each video. Get creative and customize your video’s title, description, tags, music, end card, thumbnail, and end screen elements for every video on your channel. It’s imperative to customize videos, especially for SEO purposes.

Marketing Hack of the Day Title Slide

Video titles are essential because they influence how people search and click on your videos through YouTube, Google, and other search engines! Go even further and add an amazing and informative video description as well as relevant keyword tags. Use keyword tags and phrases that can summarize and describe what the video is all about. Under the video description, add URLs that direct to your website, a specific landing page, or to a social media subscription.

If that’s not enough, enhance your videos with music, subtitles, thumbnail, a subscription button, end cards, or end screens. Instead of using YouTube’s suggested video thumbnails, use your creative powers, create a branded and relevant thumbnail to the video topic. End cards are used to complement and add interactivity to your videos such as directing viewers to a specific URL. End screens are just like a viewer booster, they’re great to direct users to a related video or video playlists and act just like a CTA.

Youtube Video Settings Customization

Hopefully your video editing skills are adequate because you can even customize the video content itself. Create an introduction, b-rolls, and outro that you can consistently place into each of your videos. Your videos will give the sense that your channel is legitimate. Once you’ve finished customizing your channel and videos, your one step closer to positioning yourself as an industry thought leader on YouTube!

Don’t Stop Promoting

Don’t stop promoting your YouTube channel, it’s the only way your content can get acknowledged. There’s an entire world of Internet users potentially waiting to discover and share your videos, you just have to promote to the right audiences at the right time.

Social Media Promotion for Video Marketing

Just like repurposing content, repurpose your videos and mix up the messaging. Promote videos on your company website, blog, email newsletter, social media profiles, advertisements, and more. By promoting your videos across channels, you’ll offer so much valuable content and credibility. Build relationships through email subscriptions, offer a relevant free ebook download, or create ads that’ll direct to specific videos. It’s a collaborative effort to not only create brand awareness for your channel but to also extend your community outside of YouTube.

It Takes Time

Well, there you have it. There are so many ways to maximize and use YouTube for your business in 2017. The tips above are just a small portion of an exhaustive list of successful YouTube methods. YouTube is a viable platform for sharing your products, services, and business. Stay consistent and sooner or later you may see your business channel make a huge impact in the Internet. Your channel won’t go viral immediately but as long as you follow the strategies above, you’ll steadily create a thriving YouTube business channel.