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15% of Search Queries Are New, Does It Matter?

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, we are talking about fifteen percent, it’s not the car insurance commercial GEICO we’re talking about, folks! We’re talking about fifteen percent of search queries are new in Google every single day, every single month every, single year!

I want to help you understand this. So let’s get started!

15% Of Search Queries Are Brand New

Understanding that fifteen percent of search queries are brand new, how does that help your business? Well! I want to help you understand where to go to find new keywords that are unique to your website! I’m going to help you understand that and where the opportunity lies for your business! Obviously with us talking to our phones, right! Theory or Google or we’re talking to our devices in our homes whether it’s Google Chrome or Amazon echo, all these things are going to capture new terms, right! New queries that has never been searched before, so I can understand why that is fifteen percent! Back in the day it might have been twenty percent or fifteen percent, but now it’s only fifteen percent!

Now, where can you get this data, where do you go understand it, what can you do as a marketer to capitalize on that? That’s what I want to talk about!

Use Google Search Console To Start Mining Keywords

The first and foremost tip is that inside all of your marketing analytics there are a lot of queries that are in there, right! You got to start mining the keywords that are in your Google Search Console, right! That’s the first place to go and see what you show up for!

Inside Google Search Console you have ‘Search Analytics’. And start looking through the keywords that you have!

Mine Keywords In Google Analytics Too

The other place to do it is in Google Analytics. Inside Google Analytics you have the keyword section where people actually punched in certain keywords. Obviously, I would say a high majority of it is not provided by Google, but there are quite a lot of keywords that you find. You might have to go back two years and find what are all the terms that attracted traffic to my website? That’s a great place to start, to start mining them, start copying and pasting those keywords and say, hey! Do I still rank for these keywords, do I still have content for these keywords!

Don’t Forget About Mining Keywords In Google AdWords

Another great place to go to is your Google AdWords! As you’re buying keywords, as you’re buying hundreds, maybe thousands of keywords; you want to go to the search queries that people actually search and how that connected it to your ads that is you are running, right! So we integrate at Clickx with Google AdWords, Google Search Console, Google AdWords all these places for this very reason! We want to mind the keywords, we want to go back as much as we can, right! Maybe a month, a year, maybe two years; we would literally through API, download all the queries, analyze them; we want to start compiling them to a keyword list! And that’s the first thing that you want to do, because once you have that you can now start to think about creating content around it. Whether you want to create social content, you want to create on page content, you want to create just literally an infographic, you want to make all sorts of other content; you need to know what they are looking for! Right! You could even be creating video content, doesn’t matter what kind of content, but you can’t create content, if you don’t know what they are looking for specific to your industry, specific to your niche! So, first off, work on that. Go understand what those keywords are! It will take you a little bit of time, but we definitely have made it easy for our clients and our platforms really simple. That’s what we use for us. That’s the first thing that I would do!

Start Creating Content At Scale

Once you have that, like I said, start creating content at scale. You start creating how to content, you start creating FAQ content, you start creating video content, start creating infographics; it doesn’t matter. It could even be audio content like I said content is king, right! So think about what you can do to create content!

Above All, Update Existing Pages With Additional Content

Now, a lot of people start to create the same content over-and-over! So, if you already have certain topics covered in your website in a certain page; I would urge you to go back and add content to that page than to just create more-and-more pages about the same thing! So, I’m going to use an example; let’s just say that you’re a plumber because I love that. I love using plumber all the time, I use plumber all day long. So, if you’re a plumber, you have a page already that covers your plumbing services or you have five different plumbing services you covered all of those in five different pages. So are you going to create five more pages about the same thing? No! I would actually work on updating the existing pages with additional content. Right! You might want to be embedding a video into it, you might want to be adding some photos, you might want to be adding some customer testimonials it doesn’t matter! At the end of the day you want to be adding more things to that content, because that’s what’s going to help you get all these search queries!

So, I have examples of so many different pages that we’ve created over the years or so many different queries that we showed up for on the first page of Google and these are the terms that helped us! Whether it’s how to content, what is content, it’s where; it is everything in between, right! So that’s the first thing you want to be able to do to get those unique long till search queries.

Implement Long-Tail Keywords In Your Content

So again, with these fifteen percent, I don’t think these are short tail, with these fifteen percent of unique terms; I don’t think those are short tail keywords. I think they’re all long tail, right! There are long tail utilizing, maybe five keywords and five plus one, six keywords urges putting really long tail keywords into Google ads that Google is never seen before! So you want to be creating really long tail keywords in your content repository! You want to be creating really long tail keywords in your FAQ content, your how to content! And maybe you start adding questions to your content that you already have, so that you can connect the dots with the people that are searching for it.

So long story short, do you need to create more content to capitalize on it? Yes! Where do you go get that, you already get that from Search Console, Analytics, AdWords all the different tools that you already have from Google for free, right! You already have the information, the fact to the matter is you’re going to have to spend some time digging through it and figuring out what are these keywords and how do I utilize that! The easiest content to create is to utilize your blog that you already have to your website and start answering those questions as much as possible!

Detect If You’re Addressing The Queries Inside Your Content

Go back and look at your old blogs and see can I ask them more content to this! That’s the first thing you can be doing! And start doing that and think about the new queries that you’re seeing in your Google Analytics and see, if you’re addressing those queries inside your content! You don’t just have to create a new blog post for every query, you can really go back and update existing ones, similar topic and enhance it! Trust me, longer the words count the higher the chance of you showing up on the first page of Google.

There’ve been a lot of studies done in this matter and the longer the word count the higher the chance of you showing up! So there’s definitely a lot there, but you’re going to have to get really into that process and work your butt off so that you can keep adding more content, enhance it, spruce it up a little bit visual and add photos and videos!

Go back to their existing blog post that you have, figure out how you’re going to enhance them, but try to get all of your content to 1800 2000, 2200 word count, today. That’s the number that you want to focus on today. In the future you might be talking 3600 words, right! So right now, it’s around the 2k range!

Focus On Long-Form Content, It Will Pay Off

So focus on long form content! These are evergreen content that you can continue to use, right! Keep adding to them, add visual, add photos enhance them as much as you possibly can and stick those questions that you start to see in your analytics throughout them, so that people can find the thing that they’re looking for! They might even do control that, they might just search like, oh! Where does this keyword in this content? I do that a lot! I go to long form content like where is this thing that I’m looking for, because you want to find the thing that you’re looking for faster!

So again! Focus on that to get the traffic and then help them identify the answers for themselves, so that they can go back to what it is that they were doing in the first place!

Use Keywords To Answer Consumer’s Questions & It Will Justify In The Search Queries

At this point, you have probably already seen that Google is showing answers already without you’re going to have to go to a page! So this makes it even more important for marketers to understand that. I need to answer my people’s question. Right! Need to answer; I need to give them the answers that they’re looking for! And if you can’t find it looks at other places like Quora and Yahoo answers and everywhere else that people are already putting questions. And then start to develop a keyword list and work on that in your own website.

So long story short, without creating content you’re definitely not going to achieve these search queries that are coming in, right! And also these are long tail keywords, you got to focus that they’re not going to be short tail. And let me tell you, why I love long-tailed so much? The competition is so much lower and the conversion is so much higher! So, if you can focus your attention on spending as much of your effort on creating those kinds of terms, there’s no reason why you couldn’t win in this game!

I hope I give you some insights into what you can do with this statistics; that fifteen percent of search query is a brand new to Google! That means that there’s so much more opportunity for you. Maybe you’re not ranking for that short tail keyword or maybe that geo, you know specific keyword for your website, right! Maybe you’re not ranking for that local keyword, maybe you’re not ranking for that short tail keyword, but you have so much more opportunity you really have to scan and look through your own analytics that you already have for free! Because you’re buying thousands of dollars paid ads, you already have, visits to your website that Google Analytics and Search Console; all giving you work on reverse engineering that data and making sure that for every time, you get an impression even an organic search that you should definitely be the site that they go to!

I hope you guys coming as to what you can do with new queries that Google has even seen yet and how you can utilize that to get more traffic for your website!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.