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4 Reasons Why Google+ Matters


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While Google+ may not surpass the popularity of other social platforms, it’s one of the fastest growing social platforms. Within just a few weeks of launch, Google+ surpassed 10 million users and continues to grow.

As with any new social network or platform, the most important questions businesses ask is “why.” Why does Google+ matter and how can it impact the visibility of businesses online? Here are the top four reasons why Google+ should matter to you and why it should be part of your growing social media and online marketing strategy.

Exponential Growth

On average, the “+1” button is served more than 5 billion times daily. While that alone does not mean every business owner should adopt Google+ immediately, it’s certainly a sign of fast adoption. Although still in its infancy, joining Google+ today means being on the cutting edge of online trends and staying ahead of competitors.

Social Ranking Impact

The ranking of your website on search engines is highly impacted by social signals. Google’s search engine ranking algorithm includes social signals to assign rankings, or the actual placement of websites, on search result pages. As the search engine giant, adopters of Google+ should expect better rankings for increased exposure.

Expanded Reach

Unlike other social platforms such as Facebook where users must be logged, Google+ allows businesses to expand their reach through the use of Google+ buttons available on all types of websites. Anyone searching on Google has access to Google+ results. The more “+1s” your business has, the more likely it is to impact buying decisions.

Increased Opportunities

While a +1 does not necessarily mean an extra sale, it does open the door for future opportunities to sell or promote your products or services to everyone in your Google+ network. You can then offer incentives to encourage those who have +1’d your business to make a purchase or convert into a client.

Although the future and success of Google+ is still uncertain, it cannot be dismissed as a player in social media and online marketing. From impacting the ranking of your website on search engine results pages to offering new opportunities to reach your target audience, the growing momentum of Google+ may help you cash in on future success.

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