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4 SEO Tips for Small Business

iStock_000003233994Looking for the glory of Google’s first page, yet still using the basic SEO optimization techniques? If you can build pages the way search engines want them, your pages will quickly rank at the top. There are  SEO methods that belong in every toolkit.

Put Your Content to Work

Generic websites have a deep problem because they are often unfulfilling. The content is broad and offers the visitor very little value. Generic content can never be fully optimized because of too much unrelated information. Write specific content pages with intricate details that warrant more traffic. The search engines not only pay attention to what you write but also how you present it. Google is attentive to your formatting just like your visitors, and because of this there are three primary ways you can draw attention to your keywords:

  • Optimize with bullet points
  • Bold and italicize your keywords
  • Use quotation marks

Using these strategies will boost the keyword prominence and provide an easy way for the search engines to locate them.

Optimize Images and ALT Tags

ALT tags briefly describe photos or images within the content and search engines index ALT tags, but more importantly you can assign keywords to your images. Images add a visual importance and illustrate the content found on the page. For example, adding pictures to Hotel content provides the visitor an opportunity to see where they will stay during their trip, and Google pays close attention to these consistencies. Anchor text links also provide visitors with a valuable service by directing them to additional information. This can also help link visitors to different topics on equally specific pages within the web site.

Build Sitemaps for Effective SEO Optimization

Sitemaps provide an efficient roadmap of the site to help people locate what they need. There are two types of sitemaps for different audiences: an HTML and XML map. The truth is, don’t worry so much about the type you supply, just focus on making it useful for your visitor. Think of how useful a map can be to find your way around town; make your sitemap just as specific and valuable to your visitor.

Keywords for Conversions

While everyone is familiar with the term “keyword,” very few use keywords correctly or effectively. The best keywords are not the ones you think should be on the site, and they aren’t even the ones that produce a lot of traffic. The keywords to focus on are the ones that produce conversions. During your research for the best keywords, use analytics to determine which keywords gets clicks, and then you can turn your keywords into a great sales message. Keep in mind smart content does not include stuffing excessive amounts of your core keyword into your content. Sparingly use your keywords in a natural conversational tone and your audience will embrace what you have to say.


If you are small business these are 4 simple steps you can take right now to start getting your website higher ranked in the search engines. When you use these SEO optimization tips, the search engines will show your site lots of love.