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How to Get Your Website on the Front Page of Google


SEO Guru. That is a term that many people love to throw around without really understanding what it takes to make a page rank high on Google. If you love your page but it isn’t ranking high, then there is something you are not doing right. Read on to learn what you can do to take your website to the front page of this giant search engine.

Build legitimate links

Linking, both onsite and with other websites, is one of the best ways of increasing your site’s legitimacy and hence ranking. However, this technique can only work if you use legitimate links. Google is constantly on the lookout for illegitimate links, and you can seriously dent your site’s reputation if you use them. It might work in the short term, but in the long run it might get you banned. There are several ways of building genuine links, and one of them involves sending out emails to solicit those sites you think can link to your pages.

Generate quality content

Many people like to quote the phrase “content is king, ‘ what they forget to add is that this content should be of high quality. This means you have to write high quality copy for your website, and this copy must be relevant to the usual human searches. To achieve this, you first have to carry out some research to understand what the target readership is looking for. You should also know that content does not only refer to written copy; even audio visuals make great content. For example, you can include YouTube videos on your site to boost your rankings. For these videos to be effective, they should be short (preferably less than a minute) and interesting. Google recognizes when people stay on your site for a relatively long period, and using videos will help you achieve that.

Get social media recommendations

The need for social media recommendations is driven by Google’s recognition of reputations of websites. The site engine tracks the number of people you engage with on social media, and treats different social media platforms differently. For example, it knows that Facebook is an important social media application. This means if your social media strategy results in great engagement with people on your sites, your Google’s reputation is enhanced. Encourage guest blogging

Guest blogging is a good way of getting natural links, and links lead to higher ranking. All you need to do is to write high quality blog posts and submit them to high authority sites that accept them. Don’t forget that your posts will only be accepted if they follow the guidelines of the host sites. One major advantage of guest blogging is that it allows you to focus on sites with high relevancy to your own site. The other advantage of guest blogging is that it helps you to build relationships with readers of different sites.


As you can see, it takes patience and work to make a page rank highly. What is important is to avoid black hat SEO tactics that may work for you in the short term but ruin your reputation in the end. After all, you don’t want to appear briefly on Google’s first page and fade away, do you?