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4 Signs Your PPC Campaign Needs Reviving

iStock_000004107455Medium_1Keeping your PPC campaign growing and delivering results is a key part of managing your PPC campaign. To ensure that your PPC campaign keeps delivering results, it requires constant monitoring, adjusting and refinement.

To produce maximum results, your PPC campaign requires careful testing, adjusting and refinement. If you’re PPC campaign is not yielding results, it’s crucial to understand your campaign’s key performance indicators and look for increased conversion opportunities.

Look for the signs below to ensure that your PPC campaign isn’t dying out.

Unprofitable Keywords
Good management of your PPC campaign requires elimination of non-converting keywords. Keywords with very few clicks or no clicks should be eliminated. Conversely, adding new keywords should also be considered.

Oversized Ad Groups
If your ad groups have dozens of keywords, it’s time to consolidate your ad groups. Ad groups should contain relevant keywords pertinent to a particular theme. Ad groups should contain 10-15 keywords.

Unchanging Ads
Using the same ad consistently is ineffective. A key part of a successful PPC campaign is finding ad copy that converts. Testing should be done to find the right keywords and associated copy to maximize clicks on your ads. Rotation of ads helps make your ads more impactful.

Depleted Budget
Depending on your particular goals, your budget may need to be stretched. The ultimate goal is for your ads to run all the time. While budget constraints exist, initial ad scheduling and testing may yield valuable information to help maximize your budget.

Keeping up with your PPC campaign can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re not a professional. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep an eye on the health of your PPC campaign to maximize your ad spend.

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