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5 Ways to Lower Your AdWords Ad Spend

blog-image_9-16-387x250If you’re running a PPC ad campaign, you already understand that there are two parts to a successful campaign. The first is how many clicks your ad gets. The second is the cost associated with these clicks. Naturally, you want to work towards reducing your cost and increasing your clicks.

So how do you reduce your AdWords ad spend while still achieving maximum results for your PPC ad campaign? Here are five tips that will get you results without depleting your budget.

Capitalize on Less Competitive Keywords
Identifying highly competitive keywords in your niche is simple. You can use a keyword tool to figure out the number of searches associated with each keyword. The more competitive the keyword, the higher its cost-per-click (CPC). Highly competitive keywords may get you lots of clicks, but they also drain your budget quickly. Less competitive keywords, on the other hand, are less costly and therefore more budget-friendly. This can be the difference between your ad running 30% of the time or 100% of the time.

Improve Your Quality Score
Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that offering the max bid will get them the best ad rank.  Perhaps a little like eBay.  The maximum bid wins.  While maximum bid is part of the equation used to dictate your ad rank, it is just half of the equation. Your ad rank is based on both your ad’s quality score as well as your maximum bid. Even with a high maximum bid, a low quality score can bring down your overall ad rank.  Increasing your quality score, or the relevancy and overall quality of your ad and ad copy, will help you increase your ad rank without costing you money.

Bid on Your Own Branded Terms 
Think that you don’t need to invest in your own branded terms? Wrong. Bidding on your own branded terms is an easy way to maximize your campaign budget. Your competitors rarely bid on branded terms. This makes them less competitive and very economical. On that same train of thought, bidding on your competitor’s branded terms can give you the upper hand without costing you much.

Increase Your Use of Negative Keywords
While they may sound bad, negative keywords are actually good for your campaign. Negative keywords prevent your ad from showing up for related but irrelevant searches. By consistently adding negative keywords to your campaign, you ensure that your ad only shows up for relevant searches. Highly relevant searches, in turn, give you the most for your money.

Schedule Your Ads for Peak Times
A quick analysis of your campaign and your conversions will tell what time of day your ad receives the most clicks. You can maximize your budget by scheduling your ads to show up only during peak times. This is especially important if your business only operates during limited hours. A lunch delivery service, for example, would not gain much by advertising at midnight. Ad scheduling is an important key to increasing your return on investment.

As a business owner, your goal is to grow your business without spending a fortune. Maximize your hard-earned marketing dollars by implementing these useful tips into your next PPC campaign.

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