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5 Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Video To Drive Traffic to Your Website

covering an event with a video cameraIt’s not enough to know that your business should be using video as a marketing and customer outreach tool. You also need to know how to use it effectively, so that traffic will flow from the video host directly to your web site. There is no one way to do this, but it’s important to note that online viewers tend to respond to humor, creativity and something that provides value to them as a consumer. Try these five creative ways to drive traffic to your site all at once, or one at a time to see which has the best result.

Video Replies to Questions

Many customers, current and potential, love to interact with businesses on social media. They will ask 140 character questions on Twitter, or perhaps longer ones on Facebook or a blog, and most times get an answer in the same format. Replying to them through video is a creative response method that engages readers and brings not only the questioner to your site to view the response, but others as well.

Be a Little Silly

If you can make people laugh, sometimes you can make them listen as well. Create a video of people in your firm being a little silly, while still offering value. Gangnam Style dance parodies are popular, as are skits that illustrate a product, or caped-crusaders that save the customer’s day. Think of what your business provides, and figure out a creative, light-hearted way to visually engage and inform your customers and readers.

Highlight Someone Else’s Video

You don’t want to drive people to your competitor’s sites, of course. But there are ways you can use the videos created by popular people online to drive them to your site. Take the time to find a popular video that either complements your business or is simply compelling, and highlight it on your blog or site. Ask the video creators first; tell them what you are doing, where you will be showing the video and assure them that you will give them full credit. Make sure that you use it in an appreciative way — not to sell, but to provide benefit to your readers.

Create a Series

A series of informative, humorous and creative informational videos will tend to keep people coming back to your site. While you don’t need to do this in a production studio, plan your series as if that is exactly where you were filming. Remember that watching someone stand in one spot and talk is not all that interesting. Whiteboard animations, skits, progressive tutorials and information about your business, presented creatively and in a compelling manner, work best. Here at ClickxPosure & OneIMS we recently started a video series called OneIMS 2013: Marketing Challenges. We attended a recent expo and asked a variety of businesses one crucial question “What Is Your Company’s Biggest Marketing Challenge”? Check out one of our videos from the OneIMS:2013 Marketing Challenges series below:


How did you become a success? How can someone else become a success? Are there people with inspirational stories in your company, or customers whose overcoming of a difficulty you’d be able to highlight? People remember humor, but they also remember — and often retweet, reblog and talk about — inspiration. It doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your business at all to be effective at bringing people to your site.


Video is not the be all that ends all, of the methods of driving people to your site, but it does offer a great deal of versatility. Don’t leave video marketing out of social media planning. As shown, creative, innovative videos should be a major player in your overall strategy.

For more videos from ClickxPosure & OneIMS visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/oneims?feature=mhee