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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

According to the International Communication Union, globally there are 1.5 billion people who access the web using a mobile device. Therefore, marketing using mobile devices grants small businesses the opportunity to expand their potential customer base exponentially. However, you should establish a formidable mobile marketing strategy before diving into this marketing pool, so to save you time, money and resources.

A mobile marketing strategy is a must for any size business, so you can be at or above the marketing level as your competitors. Statistics by Web.com show that of small businesses who have a mobile presence, 84 percent have noted an increase in their business. Follow these five tips to ensure your mobile marketing strategy is most effective for the needs of your business.         mobile-marketing-115x250

1. Define what you want to achieve using the mobile web, which is your mobile strategy. What types of mobile services, such as text messaging, coupons or apps, do you plan to provide? Are you interested in location services so to increase the visibility of your business among your local community?

2. Establish your presence using a mobile website. While most people can access the Internet using their mobile device, only those websites that have been designed with mobile capabilities can be opened via most smartphones and portable devices. Provide your business logo and contact information on your mobile site, as well as sales and services if applicable.

3. Create a mobile app that links customers to your mobile website. However, you should also add features to the mobile app to make it a more substantial mobile experience. Say you offer party supplies. For your app, you can feature an encyclopedia of all things that are related to parties, such as holidays, table settings, recipes and etiquette. Consider the app a form of advertising that offers customers a bonus.

4. Include QR (quick response) codes, which are scannable codes that link to your mobile website. Most mobile sites, as well as print ads in magazines and newspapers, are using QR codes, which can be read by most smartphones and tablets. Customers with smartphones carry a scanner for QR codes within their pockets, thanks to the many free scanner apps available. Unlike apps that must be downloaded before access is granted to your mobile websit, QR codes link to your mobile site instantly. QR codes are also useful for providing coupons and discounts to customers.

5. Connect with potential customers using text messaging. Text messaging is ideal for individuals who own cell phones but lack web connectivity. Text messages are quicker and more effective than emails; there is only an average four-minute window between when a text is sent and received. Use texts to notify customers of sales and to send out coupons. Keep in touch with customers by sending news flashes and information regarding new products using text messaging.

The mobile market is filled with vast opportunities for your small business. This form of communication allows you to access a greater number of customers than ever before. It is vital that you stay one step ahead of your mobile customers by providing the latest in mobile marketing.