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5 Popular Mobile Apps for Marketers


Time is a valuable resource. For marketers, the success or failure of a marketing campaign depends on how fast one can react to the needs and demands of potential customers. To be able to keep up with updates as they happen, marketers should have access to their work whenever and wherever they need it.

Thankfully, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have made it possible for people to work away from their offices. Here are five popular apps that are a must-have for mobile marketers:


Evernote is the universal note-taking app of the Internet. Everyone- from bloggers and freelancers, to online entrepreneurs and students- have found unique and creative uses for the app’s note-taking and synchronization features. Marketers can use Evernote as a repository for spur-of-the-moment ideas that pop up during the day. Since the files stored in the Evernote app (texts, PDF files, voice recordings, photos) can be synced on multiple devices, they can jot down notes from anywhere (using their smartphones or tablets) and access them on their main workstations later on.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s famous web analytics service. The mobile app version of Google Analytics allows users to access reports, traffic stats, and dashboards on their mobile devices. Though the app lacks the full functionality that the online version has, it can still be a pretty handy tool for marketers who want to keep track of their website’s analytics data in real-time.


Managing multiple accounts across a variety of social networks can be a very daunting task. Since social media plays a huge part in marketing, being able to access and update accounts on social networking sites is always a huge priority for marketers. This is where HootSuite comes in. HootSuite is a social media management system that is widely used by brand strategists and online entrepreneurs for their marketing campaigns. The app is an extension of the HootSuite web service; multiple social media accounts can be compiled into just one location so that marketers can receive updates and converse with their followers instantly without logging onto different sites.


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service. It allows users to carry their files with them anywhere they go, without the use of physical hardware like external hard drives or USB sticks. Files are stored in the cloud and can be easily shared with anyone. The app allows Dropbox users to edit files and upload photos from their mobile devices directly onto the service.


WordPress is the number one content management system and blogging platform on the Internet today. For those who use WordPress on their websites, having the WP mobile app is a must. The app lets people write and edit posts, upload photos, and manage comments on-the-go. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and WebOS.

Bottom Line

Mobile technology is the future. Marketers should update their old methods and equipment to keep up with the times. The apps mentioned above can give marketers a great boost in their campaigns, and make them work more efficiently.