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5 Tips to Building Your Brand Online


The advent of the Internet has provided businesses with all kinds of tools and techniques to help them market their products and services in the online space. Businesses remain interested in connecting their brands to positive emotions and sentiments in order to strengthen their customer base and boost their sales. Internet-based technologies have done nothing to diminish the importance of this goal. In fact, their introduction has led to increased emphasis on brand building due to the ease and convenience of such activities in the modern age.
Here are five tips that businesses can use to build their brand online:

Connecting Product Features to Positive Emotions

Marketing should be based on selling value rather than product features. Similarly, brand building should be focused on building up positive associations rather than extolling the virtues of products sold under those brands. In short, businesses should focus on how product features contribute to the overall user experience and the emotions that those experiences should bring up in customers. For example, a restaurant interested in brand building needs to do more than list its menu, it needs to mention its menu as one of the elements that make up its dining experience and explore the reasons that dining experience should appeal to its customers.

Engaging with Customers

Although the Internet is excellent for disseminating information due to its reach and convenience, using it to do nothing more than spread information is failing to make use of its full potential. Businesses can use tools such as social media sites and other online communities to engage their customers in back-and-forth communications. Addressing customer concerns, fielding questions, and participating in conversations are all methods that can be used to boost customer trust and thus brand value.

Monitoring the Situation

First, the Internet enables businesses to monitor public opinions through social media sites and other online communities. Second, this monitoring enables businesses to respond to customer complaints in a timely manner. Each complaint should be considered a chance to address the concerns expressed and boost public trust in the business, which is one of the foundations to a strong and vibrant brand.

Providing Incentives

Engaging the customer base is about more than shouting slogans and making announcements. Businesses can also build positive associations by hosting entertaining activities and resources on their sites. Examples include apps, contests, videos, and other digital content. Not only can hosting such activities help businesses build up their brands, but they can also help attract more customers and shore up the customer base. The popular Lays  “Do Us  A Flavor” contest was a hit with consumers. If consumers participated in the contest they would be eligible to win $1 million dollars as well as several daily prizes and rewards.

Understanding the Customers

Businesses must understand their customers to succeed in their marketing efforts, which include their brand building. Fortunately, the Internet is excellent for research and the collection of user information. Potential methods range from online surveys to tools such as Google Webmaster Tools that can be used to collect web statistics.


Although the Internet provides businesses with rich, plentiful opportunities to build their brands, it should not overshadow the rest of their marketing efforts. Instead, businesses should make the attempt to integrate their online and offline marketing operations so that each reinforces the other. Combined, online and offline marketing operations can produce better results than the sum of their parts.