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The Benefits of Repurposing Old Content

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Hey! I am Solomon with Clickx. Today’s marketing hack of the day, I am going to show you, how you are going to repurpose your old content and how you are going to generate even more ROI from the content that you have already invested a lot of time and effort into! Sounds good! Let’s get started.

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Why Should You Repurpose Your Old Content?

Why should you repurpose content? Well! The first thing you have to think about is how you are going to reach new audience. Depending on how you repurpose your content. You might have the new content going to different platforms where you can reach new audience that you would have never reached, had it been just keeping it in the original format that it was in.

You might hear at conferences or read blog post or watch videos where it says, create more engaging content. They are always talking about how you should create more engaging content! And you might be asking yourself, well! Solomon, how do I exactly create more engaging content? And what I want to help you understand is that you will have some engaging content already. How do you make the most of those in two different formats and different platforms? That is how it is going to be generated for some of your content creation. Maybe others you have to create new, but there is a lot that you can actually repurpose.

A Cheap Opportunity To Collect New Leads

There is a static that content marketing costs sixty-two percent less than outbound marketing and it generates three times as many leads to solve on marketing! So you have to think to yourself; why should you invest this amount of time it is because content marketing actually works, it actually generates more leads than album marketing practices three times more and it costs 60 some percent less.

So, if it is going to cost me sixty percent less it is going to generate three times more leads. Am I going to do it? The answer is yes we are going to do it, because there is no reason why you should not do it!

If You Don’t Repurpose It, Audiences May Never See It

You have to understand that, your most loyal followers to your website that keeps coming back to your page and follows you on your feed, all sorts of feed whether your Twitter feed or your Facebook feed. They are not always looking at all the content. Right! They might miss it out the first time. So, if you do not actually repurpose it, they may never see the content. Right! Even some of your most loyal fans like your customers might not even see your content all at the same time!

Plan Ahead, Create An Editorial Calendar

So it has to be part of your strategy that you are going to repurpose it. In fact, as you are creating the content you should have a plan that in a month from now we are going to turn this into a social post, we are going to create three sub blog posts about it, we are going to turn this into an info graphic maybe just going to get turned into a webinar. This is what you have to do as you are prepared to create the content, or if you fail to plan ahead; you can actually take the content and then do it after the fact.

Figure Out The Right Content To Repurpose

I think the biggest challenge of repurposing content is, finding out the right type of content to repurpose it us. Right! So you might be able to take a piece of content and turn this Slideshare, but you might not be able to turn that into a video. Right! Or an Infographic!

Infographics are tricky, needs a lot of statistics. You cannot really take a blog post and turn into infographic. So finding the right type of, the right fit to repurpose. I think it is the most critical component!

So here are a couple things that you can do with your existing content that you have. You might want to turn your current content into Slideshare. Right! That is really easy to do, trim into a presentation you might want to create blogs off of it, additional blog post. You might want to turn them into a video content; you might want to create a bunch of social post. Right! Take all the stats that you have and turn them into an infographic, take three or four blog posts and have a Webinar series that go around that, an E-book, a checklist the list goes on and on as to how you could repurpose, you just, really what is limiting you is your creativity! It is not the lack of content and all the lack of ideas I think. I think what limits you is, this how much creativity you can put into it! No one will even recognize that this is repurposed content!

Now, as you are thinking about repurposing content, I want to give you some tips right on how you can do that!

Has The Content Changed Since It Was Originally Published?

One of the things that you want to do is that you are taking the original content that you wrote. Think about whether you know things have changed about the blog post or not. Right! Maybe the service terminology, maybe there is some new findings that happen in the market place that you want to expand on, maybe you really skim down on the length; maybe you want to make it a lot longer. Right! Maybe your branding, maybe the name of the service has changed in your company.

So think about what has changed since you originally wrote the content and how you can update that the second time around!

Maybe you have some links maybe you have some external links that you use in your original content that you might want to update. Right! You might say, you know what, back in the day I linked up to these three resources but they are not the latest and are not the greatest most relevant resources now. So I am going to update the second time around and really understanding whether or not the content is really up to date. That is the biggest component of repurposing content.

Do not just take an old blog post and just change the words and try to turn into a video or Fleischer! Think about whether or not this is actually up to date information. Maybe things have changed and obviously things are changing, so it is really up to you to make sure that you really have put all of your effort into kind of coming up with an updated version of the content as your repurposing it.

Obviously it is going to take you a lot less time to repurpose the content than creating new content, so it is going to save you time anyway! So you might as well take that little bit of time that you do need and figure out what is the up-to-date information on this particular topic.

So I hope I give you some insight as to how you can breathe some fresh air into some of your old content. Help you take maybe fifty percent of the time that you invest into creating it the first time and how you are going to get more ROI from it!

That is the hack of the day!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.