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How to Turn A Landing Page Into A Traffic Machine

How to Turn A Landing Page Into A Traffic Machine | Clickx.io

[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Today’s marketing hack I am going to teach you how you can dynamically change the copy over your landing page to improve conversion, let’s get started!

Periodically Modify The Variables On Your Landing Pages

Theoretically, I am going to assume that you have a landing page where you are getting all your traffic, your paying media traffic, maybe your social ads; all those traffic are going to specific landing pages, but there is one thing that you could really do it is really easy, if you can get some JavaScript under your belt, right! Maybe work with your developer is to change the headline or change something specific to where that visitor is coming from!

You can have different variables on your landing page that will change without you having to create multiple landing pages. This saves you a lot of time. Let’s just say, you have three types of audience that you are trying to get; let’s say, you got residential audience, you got industrial audience and you got commercial audience, but pretty much the same thing that you do is similar in this instance. But the thing that you want to change is, you want to mention industrial, you want to mention commercial and you want to mention residential.

Dynamically Change The Copy To Speak To Your Audience

Somewhere here, you are a residential company since you know, 1950 whatever that is! You want to be able to change that on the fly without having to make another landing page. And what you do is, using JavaScript, you actually dynamically insert that variable whatever it is in uppercase, lowercase, title case whatever it is. You could insert that into your headline, into your body, right! You might want to put a zip code, you might want to put a city in, it does not matter what is that you are looking to change.

If you can dynamically change the copy, you will speak to that person so much closer, so much deeper and that will enable them to want to convert because they feel like this is specifically the thing that they are looking for! Now, a lot of people do not really do this, because they do not know how to do this!

The Endless Capabilities Of Using JavaScript

I want to really help you understand that; it is not complicated, it is really easy, if you can get someone who has some familiarity in JavaScript. They can actually change it, help you get some variables and put some URLs for you that you customize and you change every single Ad copy. Maybe every single campaign in your AdWords, every single campaign you are running in Facebook, will have slightly different modified copy.

Now, I have seen it performing so much better on average 20% better than just putting it with a generic headline! The reason being is that you are able to speak to them so much deeper, you can put things like disco, like I said it could be a city, it could be a name of a brand that you cover that they might be specifically looking for and those things tend to work especially, if it is higher up on the page, especially, if it is a headline. It works really well with those people that are looking for this kind of stuff.

I have seen it working when I put things on the right-hand side they call to action, anything could be changed! Trust me! You can do anything with JavaScript! So with that I think you will get a lot more conversion.

Give It A Try, Increase Your Conversions!

Ultimately, you only got one landing page, so based on whatever your variable is, so you might have variable number one, you will have another variable…you have another variable and depending on which one you put in your URL, right! (I am going to draw that for you) you will actually create a different version of it! It will give you another version, right! It will give you three different versions of headline, maybe you might actually want to change the headline to the form, anything to be customizable! Right! You can actually add a little bit of content here that is going to be relevant to this person. And that my friend, will increase your conversion so much more!

Try and give it a shot, see how it works for you, if you need any tools I can recommend you a bunch that do this really easily. So you can give it a shot and it costs you barely any money to do that or work with a developer and do this with your current landing pages whatever system that you built that in. See, if you can customize it using a variable for your ad copy. Again! I am all about making it very custom, very personal very one-to-one, right! So that you are not having to create so many versions of them and then have to do A/B testing that creates so much work. I rather dynamically change copy and get the data that I want, increase my conversions move on with my life!

Hopefully you got some insights as to, how you can do that to improve your conversions on your campaigns that you are running today!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.