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Boost PPC Performance with Ad Extensions

05-may-ad-extensionsInvesting in online marketing is an essential part of a well-rounded marketing strategy.   Maximizing your PPC budget is key to making your investment worthwhile.  A paid search campaign attracts qualified, targeted traffic to your website for increased conversions.

While building a PPC campaign may be simple enough, it takes expertise and knowledge to understand the many different features of search advertising platforms to truly capitalize on the opportunities available and may require PPC management services to get you the best results.

Google AdWords ad extensions are a great way to fine-tune your campaign and boost your PPC campaign’s performance. If you’re not yet using ad extensions, learn more about the five ad extensions below for maximum results on your PPC campaign.

Site Extensions

Site extensions are additional links to other pages within your website for a better user experience.  They appear at the bottom of your ad and can lead users directly to pages on your website.  They are also easy to implement and can boost your click-through-rate.

Call Extensions

Call extensions allow you to add a phone number as part of your PPC ads.  This allows users to contact you directly when they see your PPC ad.  These are specifically useful when running a mobile campaign as users tend to be more prone to calling you right then and there rather than trying to browse through your website on their small screens.

Product Extensions

If you have a merchant account, you can increase the visibility of your products through product extensions.  Product extensions allow you to link your Google merchant account with your AdWords account by displaying specific product information and even prices for the particular item right from your PPC ad.

Location Extensions

Location ad extensions are very practical, especially for businesses with a physical location.  Essentially, when a user searches for a service or product you offer and they happen to be nearby, the ad extension will show your physical address and phone number, making it easier and more likely for them to stop by your business.

Social Extensions

Although social extensions do not have a direct impact on CTR, they may influence the way users perceive your ads.  Social extensions allow you to associate your AdWords account with a Google+ page and just like Facebook’s “likes,” the more +1s you have, the more you may influence purchases and conversions.

A well-built PPC campaign can yield high visibility, increased traffic and more leads for your business.  Constant monitoring and fine-tuning your campaign is an important part of maximizing your online marketing investment.  If you’re not taking advantage of everything your AdWords account has to offer, make sure you revisit your account for any open opportunities.

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