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Clickx Makes the Martech 5000 List

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It is a fascinating time to observe the growth of marketing tools, and Scott Brinker has been doing this for years. Displaying the vast number of resources one can use, Brinker created and presented a list with over 5,000 services shaping the marketing landscape.

As an innovative resource to attract organic traffic and leads to businesses, Clickx was honored to be recognized on the list. But why is this so significant? As the MarTech 5000 list grew by 40 percent in this last year, the question of what makes one tool unique from the next looms in the heads of both producer and consumer.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2017): Martech 5000

Marketing has changed so much in the digital era, and the innovation has created competition. Today, there are tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Analytics, Social Media and everything in-between. But the drive to be a service with measurable return on investment has made marketers focus on making data-driven decisions. No longer can marketers say that getting a “like” on a social media platform is one step towards meeting a quota. Businesses never could afford to run a marketing campaign by guessing, and marketers can no longer play it that way either.


In an article Brinker wrote in 2012, the creator of the Martech 5000 said, “The recasting of Marketing as Revenue — and not merely an expense — by being able to better attribute marketing investments to business growth, provides greater incentive for marketers and other stakeholders to pursue new software-powered marketing capabilities.”

A spot at the MarTech5000 in 2017 is a seat at the big kids table. We’ve put blood, sweat, and tears (not like the actual rock band) into making a product that understands how to bring in optimal web traffic for a business; this notification is an important step to our success.

But this is only the beginning.

We live in a new age, yet some businesses are still using archaic marketing techniques, and viewing the practice of brand outreach as an obligation rather than an opportunity. Fortunately, charts like the Martech 5000 open the eyes of all business owners, letting them know that the option of having best practices marketing made with data-driven decisions is possible for anyone. Furthermore, our place in one of the most complex and evolving industries means that Clickx will be doing everything it can to provide a product and service that stands out from the competition. A position on the MarTech 5000 is an invitation to the NFL, and we have put on our game faces.