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Why Duplicate Content is Hurting Your Website

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Today’s Marketing Hack of the Day: How duplicate content may be hurting your website.

[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

I’ve come across so many intelligent professional folks that tell me “Hey, I wrote an article for this website” or “I wrote an article for that website can we just copy that and put it on my website?” or even “ can we just take content from wikipedia?”. Many believe it’s okay to just copy from wikipedia and paste it on their website but you simply cannot do that.

Don’t Just Duplicate, Google Knows Your Content

Why? Because google already knows the content. Google already has everything in an index. Google has a cast you can pull up that mentions the first day that the content was ever published.

So, how do you go about getting the same kind of copy from another site to yours? Well to have a link to that article is one thing but it’s another to copy everything and put it on your website and claim it’s your own.

Rewriting Content Is The Best Way

By copying everything and putting it on your website you’re not really gaining much because Google is still going to outrank that site over your site because that was their first and they usually win. You can probably do a canonical URLs let Google know that is copy but at the end of the day that ends up becoming the original content. You need to focus on rewriting the content if you really wanted the same thing and make sure it is as original as possible.

You can have some of the same keywords and the same topics but you can’t literally just copy it and put it on and definitely don’t copy Wikipedia because there’s no way you’re going to outrank wikipedia with the same content you copied from. If it were that easy everyone would be copying from Wikipedia and Google wouldn’t have to come up with Panda and upgrade was just too to make sure that the content quality is really up there so the quick answer is hire a copywriter use a copywriting company uses service.

Reconstruct & Promote Your Content To Go Beyond

However you need to get original content and actually in much farther length and probably the article that you wrote to go on your website for you to promote for you to reach out to other folks and maybe get links to it insured on social media that’s the right thing to do. So basically there’s no little copy or a lot of copies 0 duplication whatsoever.

Thanks for tuning in for another Marketing Hack of the Day, and if you have any questions leave it in the comment box below and I will do my best to address them in future videos!