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Why “How To” Content Is So Important

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everybody, I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s marketing hack I want to talk about why how to content is so important! Let’s break it down and get started!

I get calls and emails from people asking me, “Hey Solomon, I don’t know exactly what to write about, all I know is that I need to write more content.” My goal is to help you start from scratch and just come up with how to make content about your business and solution that you provide to the market place!

Address The Problem Or Talk About Solutions That You Provide

By addressing the problem directly to the consumer in the blog post that you write, or the content pieces and the articles that you write, you’re going to filter down the traffic to the people that are actually looking for what it is that you sell. So, if you can actually accomplish that by writing more content about the solution that you provide, the problem that people are looking for; you’re going to be seen as the authority for those that are looking for the thing that you’re doing.

So let’s just take for instance, here you’re solving the plumber problem. I use plumbing all the time! If you could write about the faucet leaking or certain sewer problems, if you can keep writing about how to solve those challenges; you don’t have to assume that they’re going to read it and go and execute those themselves. That’s not the goal here!

Show That You’re The Expert

The point is that you want to make sure that you sound like the authority so the person who is actually looking for it, they’re going to stumble on your website, they’re going to read the content and they’re going to understand that you’re the expert in this particular space and contact you to have this fixed. Whereas, if you didn’t have the content on your website, you’re not going to get the traffic in the first place! You’re not going to look like the authority; you’re definitely not going to get the right kind of visitors to your website.

So it’s really crucial having this sort of very basic content on your website. Maybe this is stuff that they can do it themselves that, you know if you read it, maybe they can do it what chances are the people aren’t going to do it, they’re not going to do it just because they read a blog post. Very few people will execute that, if it’s a challenge, it’s outside my comfort zone; I’m more likely to call the people that I saw that they specialize in this thing and they’re going to do it. And the best part of our writing how to content is that, as you’re writing about the tools that you use the process that you make your customers through to fix this problem that they have; you’re actually, automatically optimizing your content with the keywords that are relevant so that people punching those keywords this article is more likely to show up, right! So you do not really have to do SEO optimization on top you’re already going to include the keywords in the content because you’re writing out step-by-step in this process.

Always Mix Things Up & Add SEO Elements

And one thing to understand that is you’re writing this content, try to utilize videos, use some visuals, add photos and texting and combine and combining text photos and videos; you’re going to get a much better output something that people actually understand what they’re going through, one thing to do too, if you can is insert an infographic which is really useful. If it’s a complicated topic, people can understand that visually and they make sense and maybe they’ll share the content with somebody else!

So you’re actually accomplishing not just content creation, you’re also accomplishing the SEO part just by crafting more content that is relevant to what you do and then solve the problems that you saw! One thing to actually, really focus on is adding call to actions or what I call them lead magnets to the bottom of the content pieces that you’re doing! So, if you’re creating how to content; let’s say you have ten pieces, you’re going to solve this just, you know a series of problems that you want customers to come to your website and call you for, but you want to convert them because what I consider these visitors that are literally trying to understand how to do XYZ, their early stage leads, they are in the process, they are in this journey of trying to solve this problem that they’re trying to fix and they’re coming across the first website the second or the third website. They’re very early stages in fixing this thing that they have and if you can put a magnet saying, hey! Download the checklist, download the EBook whatever that is; you’re actually going to convert somebody who is in that journey!

And the benefit is that now you know where they are which is to write to me at the top of funnel lead and now you can nurture them throughout the entire journey and get them to buy maybe a month from now, maybe three months from now, but if you never actually convert the traffic; you’re just going to be putting out more and more content generating all this traffic, but it’s not really going to mean anything from a business perspective. You’re not going to get the cash, the revenue, if you don’t convert these folks to leads!

And the cool thing is that you can actually go to your Google Analytics, you can go to your Search Console and take a look at the pages that you’re getting the most amount of traffic for! And in my personal example, I have seen so many pages that I wrote maybe it was a month ago, whether a year ago it is how do I how to, for me what like, you know sort of surprises me the most is how generic these questions that they’re asking! So, it would be like, how do I install a WordPress blog, how do I optimize my blog, how do I generate more traffic to my blog and these are very simple topics they’re not complicated. Again, there’s that top of funnel person who is really looking to optimize their website and generate more traffic.

And obviously, we got the solution! We’ve built a software that helps them do that! So they’re the right kind of visits and if I can turn them into a lead, then obviously in the long run I’ll be able to convert them into customers!

Turn Customer Problems Into How-To Content Articles

If you can think of those topics that your customers are searching for as they’re sort of looking for the products or service that you offer! So you might want to look at, hey! What all are the challenges do I solve as a company? So, write those things down and figure out how you can turn them into a series of articles that are how to content and if you can be the best one in that space the one with the most amount of content that explains the solution, so you can out-compete your competitors! So they may not have the strategy of coming up with content that are very basic in that sense, that they’re going over step by step instructions of how you can solve the challenge.

If you can out-compete I would start with the how to content, right! If you’re getting stuck on maybe not knowing if you’re getting stuck on not knowing what to write about next, what sort of series of content especially, if you’re planning out for two or three months in advance then start with the basics, start with those how to content very basic in nature, but make it very meaty, very you know lengthy two thousand words if you can offer better more details more practical step by step sort of content for your how to use!

Make it fun and interesting, make it exciting, and make the fonts rather bigger. Maybe have a really nice introduction and really nice conclusion and work on improving that over time, so you don’t really have to have one piece of content that you’re never going to update again! Make it something that you’re going to come back, revisit it, add more to it, add another extra link to it, maybe you can link to another resources and continue to update it! That’s what’s going to get you the traction in the long run!

So, I hope you got some insights as to how much you can use how to content to expand your content strategy!

Thank you for watching another edition of marketing hack of the day.