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Effective Lead Generation for the Construction Industry

Between outdated techniques and a lack of inbound marketing, construction companies have difficulty marketing their brand, attracting new leads, and reaching their audience without significant advertising.

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Inbound Marketing in Construction

Approximately 86.8 percent of construction businesses report they intend to increase their marketing budget in the next year. Tactics builders are investing in include market research, promotions, and channel marketing. While these are certainly time-tested traditional marketing tactics, are they the best solutions in today’s challenging market?

Top 5 Lead Generation Techniques for Builders

A mix of traditional marketing techniques and digital strategies will create a powerful synergy that results in effective lead generation. For the construction industry, the most effective forms of inbound marketing and lead generation include:

  1. Direct sales. For builders, the traditional solution of direct sales is still the most effective way to grow your business. In fact, 23 percent of builders cite direct sales as their best lead generation solution.
  1. Trade shows and events. Live events are the perfect opportunity for builders to display their products and services. This establishes an incredible first impression with potential clients while boosting brand awareness. Trade shows even help boost sale leads. Since visitors voluntarily opt to visit each table, sales leads from road events are more likely to convert.
  1. Internet registration. Many construction companies make the mistake of focusing on inbound marketing without optimizing their website first. Internet registration is the third most effective form of lead generation, so it’s vital to ensure your website is user-friendly, efficient and contains multiple calls-to-action that drive business forward.
  1. Email marketing. Since construction is a major investment, the sales cycle is longer compared to other industries. Email marketing is necessary to convert leads in the long run, as each email provides new nuggets of information about your business and the services it provides. From case studies to new promotions, there are a plethora of email subjects available for your construction company.
  1. Search engine marketing. SEO is a primary lead generation tool for any business in any industry. Construction companies must consider local SEO and highly optimized keywords to succeed in such a competitive market.

At Clickx, we understand the unique challenges construction companies face. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help boost your lead generation.