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Tips for Implementing Mobile Advertising Into Your Strategy

When you’re trying feverishly to stay competitive among your industry peers, you need to be constantly updating your marketing strategies. Now more than ever, that includes utilizing mobile ads. If you’ve wanted to start implementing them into your marketing strategies, here are our favorite tips for making sure you do so effectively.


1) Make Sure They’re Geotargeted

Perhaps the most important thing to know about mobile ads is that in order for them to be most effective, they need to be targeted at your ideal audience. If they’re not targeted toward people who are in an area where they can reach you, the ad is wasted. Choose an area to blast the ad to, and you’ll see better results than if your ads were simply shown to anyone who visited a certain page. A good way to choose an area to target is to market toward an area you already have customers in or an area you want more customers in. It can also be based on need—for instance, if you offer tutoring services, your ads might be best posted to people in areas where a lot of schools are.

2) Track Your Conversion Rates Based on What People Do

When people view your mobile ads, they may have more than one action they can take. You should be tracking those different actions to better strategize your future ads. For instance, are people choosing to click links that direct them to call your business, or are they visiting your website? Once they’re at your website, where do they go, and do they eventually convert into customers? These answers will help you fine-tune the copy of your ads as well as what the landing pages look like.

3) Make Specific, Relevant Mobile Landing Pages

Once people take action on your ads, it’s essential to have landing pages that correlate directly to the action they took. For instance, if your ad was about a sale on certain items, the landing page should have those items listed. If your ad is just aiming to get more people to visit your website, your landing page should have interesting copy that will compel them to visit other pages on your site.


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4) Make Sure It’s Readable and Responsive

Mobile ads are much different than ads on desktop sites. They will appear on much smaller screens, and should be designed to so that they are easy to read on those smaller screens. Additionally, since mobile device screen size varies from model to model, you need to make sure that the ad is responsive. If the ad doesn’t conform to the size screen it’s on, it can be too big, hard to read, or obtrusive, and will ultimately turn potential customers away from your site.

5) Consider Using In-Ad Engagement

The more steps that someone has to take with your ad, the less engagement you will see. Consider implementing in-ad engagement tactics to avoid viewers leaving before they’ve signed up for your email newsletter (or whatever else you are aiming to get subscribers for). In-ad engagement can include using a sign-up tool on the ad itself so that visitors have to do very little in order to engage with your brand. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

6) Use Powerful Calls to Action and Include a Phone Number

Engagement campaigns can be helpful, but with mobile ads, more aggressive ads can be more beneficial. Consider offering concrete calls to action—some of the most effective ways to get people to take part in an offer such as a discount for local users, a buy-one-get-one free promotion, or offering free items (with or without purchase).

It’s also essential to include a phone number on the mobile ad. On mobile ads, when people click on the phone number, they’re typically prompted to make the call. That little nudge alone—making it so they don’t have to type in the phone number themselves—can be enough to make someone convert, or at the very least, engage with your business.


7) Consider Using Social Media

Ads on social media platforms like Twitter can boost consumer engagement, particularly because mobile phone users are more three times more likely to share content from their phones than their desktops. Since so many people check their social media profiles while they’re on the go, placing mobile ads within social media sites can be a lucrative way to garner leads and conversions.

Getting Help With Your Mobile Ads

If you want help getting started with mobile ads, Clickx can help. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in building an effective marketing strategy that hits all the necessary bases so that you attract the audiences you’re looking for.