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Email Marketing Strategies That Are Often Overlooked

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Improving Your Email Marketing Strategies Is Critical For Effectiveness

Hey everybody! I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s Marketing Hack of the day, I want to help you improve your email marketing strategies! It’s so important to get email marketing, just because there are lower costs or they’re easy to do or they yield higher ROI. It doesn’t mean that you’re actually getting the most out of your email!

I want to give you some real actionable tips, so let’s get started!

According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter and another stat I always quote is that ‘for every $1 spend on email marketing, it generates $38 in ROI.’ Alright!

Venture Beat did a study and email is the channel that generates the highest ROI for marketers today. You see email marketing used to be so effective. Now, it’s crazy how aggressive people are using email marketing and it’s becoming less and less effective, meaning if you keep sending more emails, you don’t necessarily get more ROI!

According to Tellwise ‘an average buyer today gets a hundred plus emails and they open only 23% and guess how many they click on less than 2% actually gets clicks.’

Especially Since We Get So Many Emails A Day

So, you can imagine how low the click-through rate is and it’s probably going to get only worse as people are doing more and more email marketing, bombarding our buyers, and they’re less likely to even open up our emails! You see we’re also numb to emails. I get so many emails everywhere. I walk away to do a video and I come back, there’s a hundred emails! We get so many emails we’re like, “Hey! This email? I’m not going to open it. I’m just going to delete this one, I don’t even want to open it just by looking at the subject. I swipe to the right and going right to trash.” That’s kind of world that we live in!

How do you get your email to be seen? How do you get your email to be clicked on? How do you get them to actually purchase, just because you sent an email?

Tuesdays Are The Best Days For Email

Here’s a tip that I want you to understand. Tuesday’s emails have the highest open rate compared to any other days! This was a study done by experienced. So, if you’re starting to do emails, I want you to start thinking about doing the man chooses, they have the highest open rate than any other days! Now, as a marketer I’ve tested Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays; I’ve even sent emails on Sundays, but I want you to know that overall I still think Tuesday one of the better days than other days!

Create Urgency In Email Subject Lines

You have to pay attention to your subject lines! You have to create some sort of urgency in exclusivity, if you want to generate more open rate. Alright! The reason I say that is I told you ‘over a hundred emails get delivered only 23% opened’. Which one are you more likely to open up? The one that has urgency and it has 10% off, it’s going to end today or the one that has no urgency, and there are so many words in it. It’s not really exciting to you as a user. You have to create some sort of urgency with your subject line and make sure that you have some sensitivity like ten hours left in the sale. If you’re actually sending any sort of campaign to generate sale, make sure you have some sort of exclusivity and that you have some urgency to make sure that it’s going to end in 24 hours or today is the last day. Those emails tend to get opened the most.

Personalized Emails Work Better Than Unpersonalized Emails

Personalized emails improve so much more click-through rate than unpersonalized email!

Not to mention, personalized emails have 14% higher click-through rate and better conversion rates! Actually it’s 10% more conversion rate than unpersonalized mail! Just by putting, “Hello Bob,” or “Hello Mary,” or “Hello Solomon,” you get much higher click-through rate even higher conversion rates.

According to HubSpot, emails with the word “free” in the subject line gets 10% more open rate than the one without. If you’re a company that wants to give away a download, maybe you want to give them a checklist, anytime you can give your email list a free sampling, they’re more likely to open up the email and get the information!

Don’t Forget About Mobile

40% of all emails are opened on mobile! Alright! Not desktop on mobile! You know that an average you can only fit 47 words on a mobile screen. That means email with mobile ready design is so crucial for you to be successful!

Automating & Nurturing Leads With Email Yields Sales Success

Have you ever thought about nurturing leads via email?

You see companies that nurture leads make 50% more sales, it costs them 33% less than non-nurture leads! Think about you can actually do email nurturing send them a sequence of emails based on the activity that they took on the website. Maybe they visited a page, maybe they download an e-book according to foster research, you get 50% more sales at a cost that is 33% less, just by lead nurturing your contacts!

Email automation and lead nurturing yields highest ROI and email marketing period, so if you can think about using email automation to nurture your contacts, they’re going to be more likely to click on the thing, because they’re relevant to them, it’s based on an action that they took and it’s probably a day within them taking that action they’re more likely to do it!

Start Segmenting Emails With A/B Testing

Now, a lot of marketers are not doing any sort of segmentation. Alright! And the reason that they don’t do that is, because they didn’t really have a list that’s already segmented! If you’re a marketer, today you need to make sure that you know your list ‘A’ from list ‘B’. Right! The days that they signed up, which offer did they accept, which page this sign up for, was it a free consultation, and was it a free giveaway, what was something that you did for the holidays? Whatever it is, you need to really start to segment it, because the segmented list gets 15% more open rate and click-through rate according to MailChimp than any other unsegmented list!

Another thing that you have to do as a marketer today is to use dynamic content and use that to generate more ROI! So, think about this, person ‘A’ opens up an email, they see one offer. Person ‘B’ opens up an email, they see something different!

Lastly, about subject lines you need to start A/B testing your subject line.

Guys, email marketing is a science! If you know that, start to use A/B testing for your subject line to figure out over time, what are the better subject lines for your organization and the offer for your audience than the ones that you might have thought! Let the numbers speak rather than you think that this is going to be a better subject line. So, if you can start practicing these things I talked about, I promise you, you’re going to have much better success, just doing email marketing!

I hope you guys had some insights and how you can improve your email marketing strategies. I want you to put them to use and let me know how they go! I’m always here to listen to your story, so just hit me up anytime on Twitter or Instagram or anywhere!