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5 Tips to Better Conversion Rates on Your Website

magnetUnderstanding conversion rates and how to optimize them can have a dramatic impact on the revenue you generate from your website. Often, people assume that conversion rate optimization will take considerably more work than it needs to. Understanding a few key points can change visitors to customers quickly. Here’s how:

1) Vital Information Needs to be Visible

Website visitors have a notoriously short attention span. Make sure you do not bury vital information. They need to be able to swiftly and intuitively find information related to your product and company. Contact information, important details of your product or service, any relevant policies, security details, and purchasing access should be obvious and easy to access.

2) Eliminate Distraction

If you want to turn visitors into customers, get rid of the fluff. Clean design with accessible and intuitively organized information and clear paths when a visitor is ready to make a purchase should be the goal. Remove unnecessary steps between product or service view and finalizing purchase. Clean up excessive pop ups or busy design features and anything else which detracts from the primary purpose of your site. Another related consideration is browser-compatibility. Nothing is quite as distracting as a broken website. Verify that yours will function in any browser environment.

3) Know Your Traffic and Visitors

Understanding your traffic patterns and the types of visitors your site attracts can help you better target your strategy to ensure higher sales. There are a number of programs that can help you monitor where your traffic originates and gather data on the habits of your visitors. Use this data to pinpoint where visitors enter your site, how they navigate, and what issues they encounter. As well, you can monitor visitor viewing habits to utilize effective online upselling strategies and offer related items to what they are browsing.

4) Get Creative

Experiment. Test things out. Move things around. Pay attention to how small adjustments affect your profits. Do some research and play around with big ideas. Don’t be afraid to take bold steps in your design philosophy. Unlike a brick-and-mortar storefront, remodeling your website is considerably less expensive and time consuming, and you can make change with little risk and potentially high rewards.

5) Know your market

For every strategy and design philosophy which exists, understanding the market you operate in will improve its implementation. Understand who your competitors are, get to know your consumers and their wants and needs, watch industry experts and learn from their experience and insight. Consider how the strengths your company has can give you an edge in the market you are competing in.


Creating a website that makes effective use of conversion rate optimization need not be a challenge. Get to know your website’s metrics and combine it with your knowledge of your product and market. Think from the perspective of a potential visitor to your site when you are developing your strategy. Get outside eyes to review your site and encourage them to give you feedback. A little bit of creativity and a willingness to make adjustments can make your website work harder for you.