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Eye See You: Marketing Tips for Optometrists

Marketing does much more for your practice than “get the word out” about eye care. It informs patients about your practice and its mission before they even walk in the door. Do you provide education, have a comfortable waiting room, or offer special services? Without some form of marketing, eye health professionals don’t receive the recognition or business they deserve.

What Optometrists Need to Know About Marketing Innovation

For optometrists in the United States, the largest challenge isn’t lack of patient demand; it’s ineffective marketing that fails to bring in new patients to grow the practice and the bottom line. Healthcare marketing is stereotyped to limited platforms, such as newspaper ads and billboards. While these traditional marketing tools are time-tested solutions, they’re not the most efficient options in today’s hyper-digitalized world.

Inbound Marketing Tips

  • Social media marketing. The healthcare industry is relatively behind other industries when it comes to marketing on social platforms. To succeed online, optometrists need to create marketing personas which define the needs and interests of ideal customers. This simplifies the process of crafting an efficient message that resonates with the target audience.
  • Content marketing. Healthcare, including eye care, is evolving quickly. New laws, regulations, insurance requirements, services, technology and treatment options continue to revolutionize the industry. The easiest way to keep your patients up-to-date with all these changes is through content marketing. For example, blog posts such as How to Protect Your Eyes in the Summer or What to Do if You Have Pink Eye not only educate your audience, but create an incredible marketing opportunity as well. A regularly curated blog for your practice shows commitment to customer service and education.
  • Email marketing. The most efficient digital marketing campaigns occur on platforms that patients are already using. Email marketing, for instance, is a powerful way to stay in touch with patients about new promotions, industry news, eye tips, and much more. Email marketing works because patients already integrate email into their daily lifestyle.

With so many options available for optometrists, it’s vital to partner with a firm you can trust. Marketing management requires a highly specialized skill set, especially if you’re aiming to maximize marketing ROI and grow your practice. At Clickx, we understand the inbound marketing techniques necessary to help eye care practices grow.

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