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Important SEO Ranking Factors

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is widely used in businesses today. SEO is a huge factor in a marketing strategy and it can make or break your marketing efforts. When it comes to SEO there are certain ranking factors that if executed well will produce great search engine results for your company. These days most companies are doing SEO, but knowing which factors are going to get them the highest rankings in the search engines is still sometime tough to decipher. This article will look at the SEO ranking factors that are of most importance to keep you active and relevant in the SEO world.

1. Social media: Two years ago this wasn’t even a factor in SEO, and if it was it wasn’t a make a break type of scenario. Today however ranking high on social media sites is very important to achieve high ranking in the search engines.

2. Go easy on the advertising: now more than ever, some websites with too much advertising are receiving a lower ranking in the search engines versus those companies who use advertising moderately. Keep in mind that if people want to buy your product or service they will, but they are less likely to do so if they feel a company only sees them as a profit, keep a humanistic approach and keep advertising to a moderate level.

3. Backlinks; they are still important: Regardless of the rising power of social media, backlinks remain one of the most critical factors in achieving good rankings.

4. The keywords still matter; despite popular belief these days that keywords do not matter as much for SEO, this just isn’t the case. Having good solid keywords and using them throughout your site and various pages online, will allow your company to rank higher in search engines. Use your keywords!

There are a few other SEO ranking factors to consider spending some time on such as; brand power and word count on your website however we believe the four here are the most important. If you keep in mind these essentially ranking factors in SEO, your website will rank high in search engines and your company will experience growth because of your SEO efforts.