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Google Tag Manager: An Impressive Time-Saving Tool

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everyone! I’m Solomon with Clickx. Today’s marketing hack of the day we are talking about implementing Google Tag Manager for your website in saving hours and hours of time when you need a tag added, when you want to try a technology or use a different tool; you want to add tag to your website, you need to do that very quickly!

So you’re saving time. So let’s get started on how you can do that!

What is Google Tag Manager?

First of all, what is Google Tag Manager! So, let me give you a quick example with the tag manager and what it does! So, what Google created is that actually a tool that you can go in and add your Google Analytics tag, add your Google retargeting code all these different codes and tags you need to add to your website so you can track things, you can add a cookie for your retargeting.

Maybe you’re using a third party retargeting company and they need their code added to their website, so now, you need to go back to the developer and say, add this tag. So, you over time are going to have five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times that you got to add your tags to different tools; maybe in the course of a month!

Saving You More Time

For me, I’m all about saving time, because let me tell you my heart says, stuff that’s going to save you time, give you more conversion get you more deals getting more revenue faster! That’s what I’m here to do! That’s my job!

In order to do that Google has simplified this across IT and marketing and all the different departments. So you go to Google Tag Manager, you’ll load up all your tags to add one code to your website once the Google Tag Manager tag and then you manage all the tags inside Google Tag Manager.

Hours and hours of time saved! So, I no longer have to deal with FTP usernames and passwords and getting access and all the admin logins and all those things just to try a tool! I’m able to go to Google Tag Manager within seconds, know exactly what I’m doing which side I am adding it to and I’m done!

As for me, I’m a growth hacker. I’m trying to add different tools and try things and test tools and you know, if I’m doing a trial within 30 days or 14 days, I need to make sure that this is really worth my time so all these things I need to do it with minimal time investment on my part especially my developers!

If you can actually try to add tags just by using Google Tag Manager, you can get to try things faster! It will allow you to understand the attribution and try to understand the ROI of different tools, especially if you’re trying different like retargeting or if you’re trying different analytics tools, if you’re trying call tracking tools; you’re trying all these different tools, you want to make sure that they’re giving you the ROI that you want!

If you are actually done using the tool, you no longer need it you need a quick way to go back and remove it without asking your developers again, “Hey! Can you remove the tag?”

Why You Should Keep Updating Your Tags

See, one of the things that you want to make sure is that when you’re done testing things, when you’re done actually using a product; maybe your license is over and you’re not paying for it anymore, you need to actually go back and remove those tags from your website. Because if you don’t remove those tags, you’re actually still loading all these tags as if you’re still using the tool, it’s actually probably slowing down your website.

For me, especially, removing tags is actually worth more than adding tags! The time, the speed; it allows me to do it. I can do it very quickly across different projects. If I’m not doing it, I can actually hand it over to someone else who can manage it very quickly without having a developer’s knowledge, without having a degree in computer science; you’re able to do it! And I recommend marketers, especially the ones that are kind of hesitant to play with code; you don’t quite know, because you’re not sure, if you’re going to break something; this is the way to go!

Thank you gain for watching! I hope you get some insights on how you can save hours of time especially if you like me, trying so many different tools, you’re so excited, you want to try everything; you need tag manager!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.