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How To Build Trust With Your SEO Clients


The internet has changed the way the world works forever. The ability access information on almost any subject has led to an explosion of innovation. However, there is a downside to the internet. The low, almost invisible, barriers to entry allow anyone to post information, or often misinformation, either out of ignorance or maliciousness. Given that many have an innate suspicion over anything involving the internet, how can SEO experts build trust with their clients? Below are the top three tips for building trust with SEO clients.

Honor Your Timelines

Trust is most easily built in small steps. The little tings mean a great deal to clients. Clients do not care how busy or how many clients their vendors have. Clients do care that deadlines are met and timelines are kept. When promised web content fails to arrive on time, or blog posts are late, clients don’t assume their vendor is just too busy, they assume they are being cheated or their vendor is incompetent.

Honoring timelines starts with setting realistic expectations for the client and for yourself. Understand how many projects you have and what the upcoming due dates are. A client is usually willing to wait an extra day if they are told up front. Another key to building trust in this area is contact the client immediately if a deadline is going to be missed. A client wants to hear before the missed deadline, if possible, that a delay will occur. Make sure to give the client a brief explanation for the delay and a new date to expect the deliverables.

Value Their Money

Clients may not know anything about SEO, they may know a lot. However, they have hired you to manage their SEO needs. Build trust with clients by working as efficiently as possible. On hourly jobs do not pad hours. If an hourly job can be completed in fewer than the estimated hours, do so. A client will appreciate your integrity and is more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt when projects overrun estimates.

Another way to show you value a client’s money is to give the best advice for their needs not your bottom line. A client will eventually discover if you are always suggesting the most expensive alternative. Clients appreciate knowing the menu of options and making the final choice themselves.

Learn About Their Business

In order to do effective SEO work a certain threshold of knowledge about a client’s industry is a must. However, by gathering in depth knowledge of the client’s industry you can build greater client trust. This includes learning who their competitors are, what are the main industry challenges, and who are the industry leaders. This information can most easily be obtained from the client. The client will appreciate you going the extra mile. The client will be able to see you value them and their expertise. The greater your knowledge about their particular industry the better job you can do in solving their problems.

Bottom Line

Building trust with SEO clients is not any different from building trust in any type of relationship. The two themes that run through all three tips and all relationships are honesty and caring. If a client knows you care and are honest with them, trust will follow.