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This Clueless Startup Just Learned Marketing

This Clueless Startup Just Learned Marketing |

Solomon Thimothy, Co-Founder of Clickx, has been working in the marketing world for the last 10 years. He’s seen everything, from not having any traffic to having millions a month in revenue from websites.

Solomon simplified his 10 years of knowledge into just 10 steps so that anyone can be a marketer. Here’s how to get started:

1. Design Your Welcome Bar

Get twice as many emails with the Welcome Bar. Collect email addresses right on your homepage!

Too good to be true? It’s not. It worked for us! 😍

2. Design Your Lead Form

Clueless App Lead Form

Want to talk to your customers? Now you can catch them right on your homepage! People started using our lead form immediately–even if they already had our email.

3. Send a Welcome Email

Clueless App Email Newsletter

Integrate with Mailchimp, a top email provider, so you automatically say hello to all your new customers.

4. Connect Google Analytics

Clueless App Audience

We’re all curious people.

Who is coming to see my website? With Google Analytics, now you know!

5. Add 10 Keywords

Clueless on Clickx Platform

People search on Google for things related to your business using specific keywords, make sure they’re finding YOU.

6.  Add Competitors

Clueless on Clickx Competitors Feature

See what your competition is up to with the Competitors feature. Simply enter their domain and get insight on the keywords they’re bidding for, how they rank in the search engines, and so much more!

7. Remove all bugs

How do I make my website amazing?! This tool tells you what to fix and turns green when you fix it. Turns out, before I started, our website was very much in the red, now it’s all green with the Site Audit feature.

Clueless App on Clickx Site Audit

8. Find where your customers are coming from

Clickx URL Builder

As a startup, we didn’t know what was going to work best for us–Facebook ads, blogs, or news stories? By putting a custom URL (web link) for each of our ad channels, we were able to see what worked for us and put our time and money into those channels.

9. Promote your site when you share other people’s content

Clickx Social Magnet

We love bar and restaurant recommendations–not just from our site, but from the awesome bloggers in our space. Now, when we share blogger’s content, a link to our site is visible so people can click back to us after reading it. That’s pretty cool!

10. Keep your Clickx for free

How cool are these tools? We’re a poor startup, so we LOVE free tools.

Keep Clickx for two weeks for every friend you get to sign up and complete Solomon’s Ten Steps. Spread the word and keep your customers too!