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How to Market Like A CEO

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Hey everybody! I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, I want to talk about you can market like a CEO!

I’m going to show you, how do you market from the executive office, the corner office, glass doors; how do you do it?

CEOs View Marketing Differently

Obviously, they see things very differently than, maybe marketing folks or sales folks, as you’re thinking about marketing maybe you are a marketing person, you’re trying to figure out, hey man! I got to do a better job! I need to improve my marketing skill. How do I do that? That’s exactly what I want to show you today. Let’s get started!

Marketing from an executive view is very different from an operational view. I’ve done marketing for a long time. I’ve company that does it. I have folks that are hired specifically to execute marketing campaigns, write digital and all organic and paid searches and all that kind of stuff.

Now, when you think about this the CEO, the executive view is very different. Alright! There’s super high level when they come to marketing. They’re not very granular.

Get The Marketing & Sales Teams On The Same Page

Most CEOs think that marketing department or marketers or marketing staff specifically is a cost center! What does that mean? They actually think that marketing folks, they cost me a bunch of money, I need them, but they’re not really producing any revenue! That is a real concern that CEOs have about marketers and me being a marketer, I’m very disappointed when I hear that, because that’s not what we should be hearing! Put a greater focus on revenue and how you attribute to the pipeline? Alright! The green the money part that everybody’s talking about, you need to make sure that you focus on that part for your organization. You have to make sure you’re on the same page with sales department and the marketing department, not two different departments go in two different directions!

As a marketing department we need to stop being so obsessed about maybe smaller, specific details about the campaign -the volume of leads to the volume of customers we were able to generate from marketing. Alright!

So, inside our Clickx platform, one of the things that we decided to do early on is that we didn’t want to just build a platform that’s going to deliver a bunch of traffic to our customers and not knowing what the contacts are, not knowing whether those contacts actually became customers or not! Alright! We have no visibility to be into knowing whether the platform it’s helping them provide more value or not, because if we can generate all this traffic, whether you’re able to optimize your paid search and organic and everything like that and the marketing departments so happy, because all the metrics that they want is right there in two clicks, but the CEOs think of themselves,”Hey, I bought the platform; I got the people I am paying for all this content. Yet, I’m getting zero dollars in the bottom line from the marketing efforts.”

The Numbers Will Decide How To Work Together Moving Forward

How do we actually provide visibility for the marketing team and the executive team on whether this is producing revenue or not? Therefore, we decided to actually go full funnel. Now, we’re actually able to show you the traffic, the contacts that are generated whether they’re a lead or just simple contact and if they became a customer, because marketing has to have that information to actually start asking for more money so at the end of the day all you have to understand is that sales and marketing need to work together and it’s all driven by that numbers that CEOs are looking for, CFOs are looking for! Alright! They’re looking for the black lines; they want to make sure it’s all positive. That is now read that the marketing department and all the investment in media, it’s not costing more than the sales that you’re getting, because nobody wants to run a business and loss.

Focus On The Bottom Line & Less On The Money Spend

As CEOs have so many concerns about whether he wants to invest more money or less money or not, cut back, maybe must in other channels; you need to make sure that you contribute to the bottom line! That’s every employee’s job at the end of the day, but as the marketing department you need to make sure that that pipeline is as close to you as it is for the sales department.

I hope you got some insights from this video!

Thanks for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.