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Maximize & Simplify Your Advertising With Facebook Pixel

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Grow Your Business With Lookalike Audiences

Hey guys! I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s marketing hack, we’re talking about Facebook custom audiences. We’re talking about how you can grow your business using Facebook pixel that they give you and also how you can upload your own customer list to actually get look-alike customers that can help you ramp up your business! Let’s get started.

Track & Target Website Visitors With Facebook Pixel

o you might actually post things on Facebook and click a button that says, boost this post and pay $300 and get more visits to your website, that’s like Facebook one-on-one. I want to take you to something that’s a little bit more advanced. And this is going to require you to take a little pixel from Facebook it’s a little teeny tiny like four line code, you’re going to need to put that on your website! That’s the first thing you want to do. We call this the Facebook pixel, because it allows you to track everybody that’s coming to your website. You can track people that are going down a certain process, write your sales process by going to this page or that page, you want to convert them, you’ll know exactly who, when, where! So you can target those specific people and get them to come back to your website by retargeting on Facebook and helping them convert.

Gives You The Ability To Advertise To Identical Customer Lists

The second thing that you can do to create a Facebook custom audience is to generate your customer list or connected to MailChimp. You know if you have your customer list in a CSV file, you can upload it to Facebook and Facebook will find other people that are like it. Okay! They’ll go and make sure that they can target the same people for your ads or people like it, which is called Facebook look-alike audience. But you cannot do any of this without having a CSV list or actually tagging your website, using the pixel or if you’re a mobile app guy; you can connect it to the analytics of your mobile app and actually get the same kind of data about the user as well.

Once you install the Facebook pixel, once you put the little line of code on all the pages; you’re now able to track what these users are doing, you’ll be able to find out the users that actually took certain actions on your website and be able to deliver relevant add to those people. So, if they didn’t fill out the form that you want them to submit, maybe you have a free consultation, are you on a trial or whatever you got, you go ahead and continue to advertise to those people that been to your website, specific offers. Maybe you want to give them an e-book or some sort of free download, so you can get them right back to your website and give them something that they can really resist to build a look-alike audience!

The More Customized The Lists, The More Accurate Your Audiences Will Be

What is a look-alike audience?

Well, given that the information that Facebook has about your audience, which is their shared information, about their friends and all, the interests that they have and the behavior of those users! Facebook has that information Facebook will be able to say, alright! So your pool of customers has these things they like, you know maybe certain sports or they like this music or they like these business pages they live in such-and-such area, right! So, Facebook has information that will try to find you people that are extremely or closely similar to that first group! So, you’re basically segmenting a small audience on Facebook, not the entire universe of people that happen to live in a certain area or like a certain interest. So, the benefit of that is it’s as close to your list as possible, it is as close to your audience as possible! The audience that you already paid to come to your website, the audience that are searching for your brand, the audience that are clicking on your ads, the audience that are coming to you from your social media, they’re all coming to you, because they like what you offer!

Pixel Data Can Remarket To People Who Already Converted

You want to go after people like that not somebody else that may or may not fit your criteria. So, the reason why I want you to use Facebook pixel and not maybe another kind of advertising for the time being it’s not just it’s hot! Everybody’s talking about Facebook ads! I understand that it is like the super-hot thing that everybody’s talking about, but I believe that Facebook can get you the type of people that already converted on your website or subscribe to your newsletter or actually made a purchase, that nobody else can get you this data! Okay! The only company that actually has this information today is Facebook. So, think about it!

If you can go after people that already convert it on your website, but you’ve never known about them, they never know about you, this is the best way to do it. There’s not a better solution today, because nobody’s got the ad tech and the user base.

Confirms Where To Optimize & Allocate Your Ad Spend

Now, how much to spend? Facebook has so many different things that you can do. If you can think about your lifetime value or your average value or whatever number you want to look at, your cost per lead you’re willing to pay, a cost per customer, figure out what kind of customers you’re trying to get! Do you want them to buy from an ad or you just want them to give you their information depending on what you want them to do? You have to figure that out! That will help you out, but Facebook audience will give you a much better sense. At least you will know you’re not wasting money, because this is going after the kind of people that already been to your website, took actions or people like the people that already went your website. You’re not wasting money and just sort of ads that are display ads, generic on a website where you can’t control the user base, this is strictly under control! All you got to do is capture the information right on your website, create different ad sets, little campaigns or ad sets that go to them, speak directly to them and not to a big wide audience, go extremely narrow in Facebook, don’t go broad, right! Broad sucks! Narrow works! So, get really…really focused on your audience, give them what they want and be able to see a steady growth in new leads and new visitors and even new customers in the coming days! Alright!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.