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So, You’re Starting Your Own Medical Practice?

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Many recent medical school graduates have stars in their eyes when they get their MD degrees. While they may be educated in medicine, they may not have taken a class in how to market their practice. A marketing strategy is imperative to initiating any successful business—even in the medical field. Hiring an outside marketing firm is often the most effective and efficient means of garnering the most knowledgeable, qualified marketing expertise. Here are some of the areas in which a marketing firm can help:

  • Identify a target audience. If the practice is specific to pediatrics, it would be frivolous to advertise to the senior community. Appropriate marketing efforts would target younger adults. Think social media and mobile optimization instead of the Sunday paper.
  • Develop a professional website. A website is the cornerstone of an online marketing campaign. A representative from a marketing firm will address issues such as desired content, layout and ease of use. There is an abundance of benefits associated with a professional website. Many health plan directories now appear online, for instance, and the availability of a link to a practice considerably increases the likelihood that users will engage.

Some more advanced medical websites offer online scheduling, consultations and prescription refill requests. Sites may also include privacy policies, acceptable health plans, and directions to office locations.

  • Search Engine Optimization. Once a website has launched, register it with major search engines. The goal of SEO is for the practice to appear as close as possible to the top of search results—most users don’t bother clicking beyond the first page of search results. Marketing firms are SEO experts, and they can help the website avoid penalties imposed by search engines for unethical or inappropriate SEO practices.
  • Establish a social media presence. Social media outlets are incredible marketing tools. Profiles on Facebook and Twitter, for instance, allow businesses to build communities of friends and followers. These individuals can then share the practice’s posts with their friends and followers. Thus, the reach of the advertising campaign increases exponentially with each share.
  • Community engagement. Getting involved in the community is a tremendous way to get a business known, and marketing firms can help ensure the most benefit from this exposure. Options to be explored include membership to medical organizations, attendance at community health fairs, and newspaper health columns.

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