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Do You Really Need to Do Email Marketing?

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When you’re planning an inbound marketing strategy, you may overlook email blasts, dismissing them as spammy, boring, or unnecessary. If you’re not sending an occasional email to your prospects, however, you could be missing out on valuable engagement. Read on to find out why email marketing is so important.

1) People read email everywhere. No matter where your potential customers or clients are, chances are they’re connected to a smartphone or other device that allows them access to their email anytime, anywhere.  People might not check out your site on their own while they’re out and about, but if they’re checking their email and notice a newsletter or update from your company, they might read it and click over. Do you want to miss out on that possibility?

2) Email marketing statistically has a very high ROI. Sending out an email to your entire contact list is very cost effective in terms of production vs. return. Furthermore, you can take advantage of automatic emails by creating effective marketing messages for the emails that people pay most attention to—your opt-in subscription emails, for example. Engaging welcome messages can help boost a potential customer’s interest. Other trigger emails can include ones sent after a customer makes a purchase, updates to their wish lists, etc.

3) 74% of consumers say they prefer to receive commercial communications via email. This is in comparison to direct mail, so it’s no surprise that people would rather receive a quick-to-read piece of mail instead of one stuffed into their mailbox next to the rest of the junk mail.  Take advantage of their likelihood to read your emails—make the content good, make it interesting, and include a call to action so they know what to do next.

4) You can refresh people’s memories. If you send out a regular email, you’ll remind people about your business, which is great in today’s society of short attention spans.

5) Emails can be tailored. You shouldn’t be sending the same email to everyone on your list. Send different emails targeting the various stages of client you have, from new subscribers to potential clients to current client.

For as easy as email marketing can be, it’s almost silly not to be using it with your clients and potential customers. As long as you aren’t sending too many emails or spamming your address book, email marketing can be very beneficial.