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Retargeting Done Wrong

1201349834-15_1Retargeting is a powerful advertising tool that should be part of every business’ online marketing strategy. Not only does it increase online visibility and strengthen branding, it also targets highly interested and qualified customers who are already interested in your products or services. Well-designed campaigns help increase sales and your bottom line. However, done wrong it can have the opposite effect.

Avoid bad remarketing by making sure your remarketing campaign doesn’t do the following:

Invisible Ads
If you’re trying to recapture the attention of qualified customers on other websites, invisible ads will be as ineffective as having no ads. Remember that your retargeting ads compete with the content on the content networks sites. If your ad is inconspicuous and unattractive, the likelihood you’ll get any clicks is very low. To make sure your ads are not invisible make sure to use colors and graphics that stand out. Most importantly, make sure your offer and clickable button is prominent.

Repetitive Creative
Yet another problem with retargeting ads is using only one ad for the lifetime of your campaign. Just as children become easily bored with a new toy, the effectiveness of your ad will diminish tremendously if it remains the same. In fact, the CTR tends to fall by about 50% when the same creative is used repeatedly. Avoid this by developing new and fresh ads at least every month. Ideally, your campaign should include several versions of your ad. This also allows you to test ad performance to help you fine tune future ads.

Overuse of Ads
Imagine landing on a website and seeing 2 or 3 banner ads depicting the same ad. Overwhelming your target audience with ads can have two effects. One, it will become readily invisible and ineffective. Two, it will be deemed an annoyance and prompt users to delete their cookies and thus all opportunity to remarket to them. Additionally, you may end up creating a bad image for your branding. Avoid this by setting impression caps. Systems such as Google allow you to specify how many times your ad will be shown to users over a specified period of time.

Wrong Use of Retargeting
The idea behind retargeting ads is recapturing the interest of past website visitors. Typically this refers to someone who may have visited your website, browsed your products and added something to their shopping cart but never completed the sale process. Retargeting to users who have already completed their purchase is not the same thing. Spending your impressions on someone who has already purchased your products or signed up for your services has little impact on your sales. Instead, opt to use email marketing to encourage repeat sales.

As one of today’s most popular online marketing strategy, retargeting can be a cost- effective and smart way to increase your sales. However, done wrong, it can be detrimental to your online reputation.

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