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Transcribe Video For Get SEO As Well More Views

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Transcribe Your Videos Into Content

Hey guys! I’m Solomon with Clickx. Today’s Marketing Hack of the Day is going to show you how you can increase your content ROI by 50%! There’s one hack of how you can transcribe your video into blog content! You’re going to be able to generate more traffic than you ever done. Let’s get started!

Use Transcriptions to Generate More Website Traffic

If you’re like me, you want to generate more traffic to your website and you’re creating all sorts of content whether it’s audio content, video content through SlideShare, there’s every kind of content in the world you’re trying to create, but one thing a lot of marketers are not doing is taking their existing kind of weather it’s an audio or video and actually transcribing it and putting it into their blog post! Creating new content on your website.

Create a Long-Term Video Transcription Strategy To Increase Visits

I want you to get this! If you can create more content on your blog, I’m just going to draw a little chart here you know, your traffic is going to go up and up and up, because there’s more content and more pages get indexed and over time every single one of those pages gets some sort of traffic. Well! There’s two visits, five visits, ten visits or a thousand visits and your traffic starts to increase, but if you have a bunch of videos that’s sitting on YouTube, but it’s just getting traffic to YouTube not your website! So, what I want you to do is figure out a strategy that is a long term strategy! So, every time you create new video content, you’re going to take the YouTube video embed it on your website, transcribe the video right below it. Right! So, it’s side by side, you got tons of content on page plus a video, so people get engaging and watches the video instead of reading the text, if that’s what they want to do! And this drives even more traffic, because you’re creating new content on a regular basis just by repurposing the content and taking the transcription putting it right there!

Its A Great Outsourcing Opportunity

You can also outsource the transcription! You don’t even have to do it, you can go to online and find a video transcription service and upload it, it’s probably a 50 cents to a dollar or whatever per minute and you just let them transcribe it, you take the content back, put it right on your website, in two minutes you can get a new blog post going! I believe this is the simplest way possible to create keyword rich content. Alright! So, the transcribing process is so simple that you can have anybody do it and you can outsource it, you can write it yourself or outsource it or give it to Fiber or UpWork or one of those websites get the content back and think about the exponential increase that you can create your blog content. Alright!

Let’s just do a quick map! You’ve got a hundred videos that you’re creating over six months period! Now, you just got a hundred more blog posts to your website. Right! You know, how hard it is to come up with a blog post! It takes so much energy to come with one blog post. Let alone a hundred new blog posts! So, now you just created tons of content, so you’ll be able to get exponentially more traffic not just your existing content you have, now for the video content you’re generating!

I think this is a hack that any marketer should be using. If you’re creating video content, any sort of audio content; you should be generating more traffic from your existing content! Don’t just send all your traffic to YouTube. Folks! You need to get your traffic to your site! Consider how a blog post is ranked. Alright!

Transcriptions Help Search Engines Understand the Video’s Content

Google Cross the headline, Google Cross the subhead, Google Cross all the content! So if you have a video that’s on YouTube, it doesn’t know, what is the content that is inside! This very video making Google hasn’t really figured out exactly what I’m saying! So, it’s going to need some sort of caption file or something for YouTube to understand the actual content! So, what I’m telling you is extract the content, put it on your blog and put the video embed right there! So, you get both, you get more visits to your website, you get more views to your video! It’s the best of both folks! You might even get some folks to subscribe to your channel all right there!

The next time you create video, don’t just leave it on YouTube. Make it a part of your blog; get more SEO as well as more views to your video.

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.