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Inbound Marketing for Dentists: A Guide

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Like other health specialists, dentists must communicate the value of their practice to get prospective patients walking through the door. Inbound marketing strategies provide dentists an affordable and effective marketing solution that yields greater ROI, provides customer service, and grows the practice. With nearly 75 percent of health consumers turning to the Internet for health information, dental practices are missing an incredible opportunity without an inbound marketing plan.

Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for Dentists

Today, 1 in 3 American adults research online to determine a medical or dental condition. Digital marketing has revolutionized healthcare and dental outreach, particularly in the last few months. Evolving technology and social platforms continue to change how patients interact with their healthcare providers. For dentists, the top marketing trends include:

  • Marketing personalization. The explosion of technology and social media have fueled the desire for custom content. An estimated 78 percent of CMOs believe marketing personalization will define the majority of online interactions in the future. While this is a trend across all industries, it is most notable for healthcare and dental practices. Patients want information that is relevant and useful to them. Whether it’s email marketing or direct mail, dental patients are demanding personal content that matches their health profile.
  • Multi-channel marketing. Dental practices must increasingly focus on cross-promoting their content to be seen by consumers. It isn’t enough to focus solely on direct mail, PPC, or content marketing. Rather, a successful marketing plan is contingent upon addressing multiple marketing channels and how they will tie together.
  • Dental education. Patients are wanting to research and understand their conditions before they step into a dental office. This is why 1 in 3 adults research their dental issues before even contacting their dentist. Practices that invest in content marketing showcase their commitment to patient understanding and knowledge. Whether you discuss oral hygiene tips or symptoms of certain conditions, it’s increasingly important to create a free dental education resource to keep your practice relevant.

Inbound Marketing for Dentists Made Easy

Since every dental practice is different, it’s important to research what strategies and techniques will work in your market. At Clickx, our marketers have extensive experience helping healthcare and dental practices cut through the marketing clutter and reach their target audience. Do you have a plan to grow your practice?

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