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The 3 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2012

2012, The Year of Marketing Genius

Throughout 2012 many marketing and advertising campaigns plied the waters of social medfia, TV, radio and traditional print mediums. While there was one truly distinct giant among the 2012 campaigns there were many others that hit on all the proper notes. Among the top contenders for accolades are those who have been at the apex of advertising for generations. With the “new media” via the Internet is added in, it is always an interesting take to see how and who used the new means fully and embraced it in their successful campaigns.

Chrysler, “Halftime in America” chrysler1

Back during the 2012 Super bowl where the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, the country was still feeling the sad effects of the recession. Nowhere was this recession as hard felt as in the auto industry and Detroit. One of the best and most successful marketing campaigns of 2012 was produced and implemented by Chrysler with its “Halftime in America” strategy. Launched during the Super Bowl, the ads and campaign hit every emotional heartstring with America by showing how things may seem bad and the “auto industry score” may be down, but it is only halftime. The gist was that with determination and gumption, the American auto industry was going to pull out of the losing score and win the big game. Not only did this campaign hit the right notes in the hearts of Americans everywhere, but it helped to relaunch the American auto industry back to success.

Coca-Cola, “Move to the Beat of London” coca-cola-374x250

Summer 2012 saw London acting as host to the Summer Olympics. With the Olympics being one of the largest worldwide events ever, Coca-Cola took this opportunity to launch a shrewd advertising and marketing strategy surrounding the three-week sporting event. Coca-Cola looked beyond the American shores and set its sites on a worldwide audience with the “Move to the Beat of London” marketing campaign. Coke enlisted the talents of DJ Mark Ronson and English singer Katy B to create a song and jingle that has become as recognizable and ubiquitous worldwide as its older “I’d Like to Buy the World Coke” campaign from the mid 1970s.

Marvel Studios, “Avengers Assemble!” the-avengers-375x250

This was the juggernaut of 2012 without a doubt. Marvel Studios released the highly anticipated “The Avengers” to movie audiences worldwide. What is amazing about this strategy was that it started at the end of the first “Iron Man” movie in summer 2008 with what is now referred to as an “Easter egg.” Marvel slyly tacked on a post-credits scene to the movie which hinted at an Avengers team-up. This propelled fan-boys around the world to twitter and text about the possibilities. Marvel took the ball and ran with it over the next four years with movie releases such as “Thor,” “Captain America,” “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man 2.” Each of these tied into the others and had Easter eggs throughout. By the time 2012 came, the world was already primed and ready for the release of “The Avengers,” all made possible by a very strategic and patient campaign through the studio’s films. When Hollywood sees 1.4 billion dollars in ticket sales, you know the success will ripple across the divides.


As is seen, 2012’s top campaigns spanned the gamut of sporting events, movies to the automobile industry. It is certain that with these successful strategies and campaigns, 2013 is sure to shape up in a strong and flattering fashion.