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The Golden Rules of Link Building

During the last year or so, link building has been shaken up, and yet, plenty of things have remained the same. Tactics and ideas that were used have worked over many years and they are continuing to work for many website owners. Content on websites is what builds the links, but it is not an easy thing to do. With a very modest promotional effort, some great content with strength that attracts links can be achieved. Learn the seven golden rules to proper link building.  linkbuilding

1. Construct great content to attract attention – links, social media, people, and more

If you have a great website, you can get away with content that is not exactly the best in the world. There are many posts on various websites that are written brilliantly, and yet, there are also posts that are written rather badly and still manage to gain attraction and attention that produce an assortment of links.

2. Great content on relatively good websites that no one sees or reads will need some help to produce a buzz

Websites or blogs can be mediocre, but by using the right steps, the owners are able to produce various links. As a website owner, you can create a crowd-sourced piece that includes well-respected readers or participants and publish it on a website that attracts more visibility than your own website.

Alternatively, you can put it on your own website and promote it to other website owners and readers. In return, they may just promote it on your behalf to their readers and your website might get the attention that it deserves.

3. Make sure the link is worth your effort and time if you are actively running after it

 Whichever link you are going after, you need to see if it has potential first. Is the link able to benefit the targeted site? Will someone click on the link and turn it into traffic? If the link is able to do this, then it is definitely a link to pursue.

4. You are setting yourself up to fail if the only online strategy you have is link building

If you have tons of money to spend on links, then you do not have to worry about optimizing your own website by doing it yourself. You can easily hire a professional to do it, but as it is, there have been plenty of algorithm crackdowns and updates in the last few years. What used to work in the past is no longer working today. Therefore, you need to use other ways to do link building rather than just focus on guest posts, as Google can easily target guest posts as its latest victim.

5. You need to have a backup plan if you are only using link building tactics, as you can easily get caught and penalized for using those tactics

 A large number of website owners use risky tactics for their campaigns. Most of them tend to risk everything on one endeavor without thinking of the repercussions. You need to make sure that you are getting relevant traffic from various websites and other places too, when Google starts to penalize or de-index your websites.

6. With numerous updates, there is collateral damage

Even after the recent EMD crackdown, there are loads of EMDs that are still ranking. Some of them have even rose into the top ten when people have never even seen them prior to the ranking. Countless people who have worked with various websites have done all the right things and yet, their websites rankings have fallen off. Therefore, you need to learn what works and what does not work for you today.

7. Many websites may just have to rely on methods that are not favored by many website owners

When the time comes, you just have to make your own decisions and do what suits you the best. You need to think outside the box – what would you do if you find that in order to rank well in your industry, you would need to buy links? If you have never been one to spend money on buying links, it can be especially difficult to alter your method, but if it will help with your ranking, then, perhaps, you should start buying links too. Press releases and article syndication are two tactics that are very effective, but you cannot rely only on them, as you might end up losing your rankings when Google decides that it wants to add these tactics on its list of “things that Google does not like”.

It can be challenging and overwhelming to do the right things and to use it in the right way, especially if the right way of doing things keeps being adjusted every now and then. As a link builder, you need to step up and learn as much as you can about other ways of online marketing and search engine optimization, as well as link building techniques. There are numerous websites where you can gain skills and knowledge on link building that have been improvised by people who are in the same boat that you are in.