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It’s Time To Emphasize UX, Here’s Why

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everybody, for today’s marketing hack of the day, I want to talk about UX and how that translates into revenue for your business.

It is really important topic and I think a lot of people do not talk about this, outside of the marketing department. What I really want to emphasize is how important this is and how this can help you grow your business. Let’s go dive right into it.

Its All About Improving The User Experience

The context of UI/UX usually comes around design and how something looks like. So whether it is your graphic design department, your web design department, your marketing department as a whole, or your communications department, all of those folks are interested in improving the UX. Right? They are interested in improving the user experience and they are definitely interested in making it easy for the user to get through their thing. Whether it is the information architecture or planning the content, they are coming up with different call to actions and they are testing it. They want to improve the conversions. All that is great. But I want to give you a deeper look into how UX can change your entire business and how you should be implementing that throughout the entire organization!

So it is one thing, to be really doing it on just a project basis and say, “Our website does it really phenomenal! Everybody loves the way it looks and it is really simple to use,” but do you know what happens beyond the website?

Think Beyond The Website

What happens when they are talking to the sales department, how is that experience? What happens when they actually go through the transaction and make a payment on the credit card? Is that really difficult? Is it like, it is eight-step process that they have to do, I do not know, validate their driver’s license and they have to do all this work to become a customer! What happens beyond the website? Is it really difficult to have an engagement with the sales team? How do they feel about these prospects, they been having really great marketing, yet the sales side is not really proving that, they can handle the same sort of that experience in the sales process!

It Shouldn’t Just Be Controlled By The Marketing Team

So you really want to think beyond the marketing into the sales department. Then you want to look at your customer success, you want to look at, how are the support people handling experience for that user, are they having a beautiful one-to-one relationship with the user depending on what they are doing? Are they doing something to improve that experience? Is there easy to go help docs that they can go to and understand? If they have a problem, do they have 24 hour support? Is it email support? Is it phone support? And how long do they have to wait to talk to somebody? Right! Are they talking to somebody overseas that cannot even understand what they are asking for? You have to really make sure that the marketing team, that really understands user experience, passes that knowledge over to the sales department, about the customer, about the persona, and how to talk to this kind of people? What is the real underlying problem that you have gone from, may be surveying or customer’s surveying, your audience survey, the industry knowledge that you have captured over the years. Really taking all that into consideration and passing all that information into the marketing department from passing all that information into the sales department, it is going to be critical.

Now, the sales department also has to do a much better job tossing that over to the support, as the production team or whatever you have in your business that is actually taking care of the customer on a regular basis.

Whether Its Before Or After, Every Step Of The Process Matters

Do they translate all the things that, you have uncovered doing your interaction with that prospect of that customer? So I think user experience is much more than just a marketing term. It is much more than just a web designer or web developer might be saying and if your marketing persons are being constantly talking about user experience; I think it is time to pay more close attention to it, but it is much beyond what a marketing department conversation is. I think it is end to end from even before they become a customer and after, so the arrow goes much before and after. It does not even end in there, but you have to think through every step of the process, how can you get everybody to experience the same exact thing every single time and if you can think of it like that, have a system in place that is going to help you repeat that over-and-over, and all of your teammates and all the people that are involved in the organization, that are customer facing can understand it. I think that will give you the ROI that you are looking for in your marketing that you are investing today.

If you can get the entire organization to understand that, to you I say it is much larger and then you are going to get the ROI that you really wanted to get from your marketing!

As always, if you have any questions leave it in the comment box. Thank you for watching another edition of marketing hack of the day.